Monday, March 12th, 2018


Church of Scientology launches TV channel

Scientology centre

LOS ANGELES – The Church of Scientology launched its own TV channel with a vow that it will be candid about every aspect of the church and its operations but isn’t seeking to preach or convert. “There’s a lot of talk about us. And we get it,” church leader David Miscavige said in introducing the first night of programming Monday. “People are curious. Well, we want to answer your questions. Because, frankly, whatever you have heard, if you haven’t heard it from us, I can assure you we’re not whatRead More

U.s.a News – President Trump – Obamacare is “a disaster produced specifically by the Democrats in Congress”

< img src=''/> exactly what do you all assume? President Trump: Obamacare is "a catastrophe created exclusively by the Democrats in Congress" — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) April 30, 2017