ABC – World News Now – Sept. 18, 1992

ABC - World News Now - Sept. 18, 1992

Here’s the first of my classic “World News Now” clips from September 1992, featuring original anchors Aaron Brown and Lisa McRee and the schtick that got me hooked on ABC’s overnight newscast. This clip also features Ted Koppel with a humorous tutorial on the game of chess; and Barry Mitchell, without his trademark accordion, lamenting the “death” of his beloved Superman.


Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country. – Deuteronomy 28:3

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8 Comments to ABC – World News Now – Sept. 18, 1992

  1. Nick Faitos says:

    RolloSmokes, are you back on Wikipedia by any chance?

  2. 2016BMWi8 says:

    Lisa can sign my Balls anytime she want's

  3.  This is much better than the current modern-day WNN 

  4. Kevin Nelson says:

    Used to watch Aaron back during his KING and KIRO-TV days in Seattle.

  5. Jericho51 says:

    @DevSodDribble I loved on Fridays when they had the accordian guy play the World new Great stuff..Miss Lisa and Aaron watched them every morning when i worked EARLY morning shift back in the 90`s

  6. Bloodybunny says:

    Today's WNN isn't a shell of it's former self; it's a crappy market 85 morning show with the WNN label slapped on it. The lineage to the original WNN has been completely severed.

  7. joebradio says:

    flashing back to my years doing "sign on" work at a radio station and watching some of this before heading off to work .. but, don't miss the 3 a.m. wake up call

  8. brings back great memories. me and my bro use to watch WNN every night with either Aaron and Thalia, or Boyd and Thalia when i was 14. They were so funny. Especially Aaron and Thalia. Can't forget about the "World News Polka" also. 🙂