ABC World News Tonight – Open/Graphics Montage 2015

At the beginning of the 2015-16 television season, ABC News’ flagship broadcast received an extensive makeover. Gone is the blocky, patriotic look, replaced by a darker, glassy package that has a more serious tone. It is likely an effort by the network to ditch part of the program’s tabloid image. Until the content of the show changes, they will not entirely shed the lighter tone, but this very attractive package is a good start.

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6 Replies to “ABC World News Tonight – Open/Graphics Montage 2015”

  1. Personally, the only thing that's missing from such a sleek and downright sexy package is the old Edd Kalehoff theme. Respect to Hans Zimmer, but this theme is just boring to me. It's like "The Mission", but brain dead.

  2. It doesn't make any justice to show the reel of the new updated david muir show. As a viewers and a broadcast artist I simply enjoyed how revolutionized was the gfx integrated news-telling. it is one of the biggest challenges. This package is groundbreaking and definitely something all designers should look up to. The most essential element that adds freshness to the show isn't in the 3D design or info graphics trending or anything that we designers lookup for as trending styles; it is simply more technical, and happens in the control room / producer / TD / Operators and its based-on transition logic and how it softens and smoothes the transition from video to text to anchor to double windows. You have to watch the show to learn it. It is how you read your news on any device. CONGRADS

  3. its funny…ABC is basically channelling the old graphics from NBC Nightly News from about five to ten years ago for WNT…all the swoosh sounds and letter graphics that move into position etc.

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