An FBI agent’s gun accidentally discharged in a Denver nightclub

The man who was shot in the leg went to a hospital and is expected to survive.

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todays world news – An FBI agent’s gun accidentally discharged in a Denver nightclub #worldnews #breakingnews #music #headlinenews

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46 Replies to “An FBI agent’s gun accidentally discharged in a Denver nightclub”

  1. How is this accidental..??? If he was at a gun range would this be accidental? FUCK NO! Because everyone knows your armed… the only reason he was acting this way is because nobody knew he was armed… he intentionally made the choice to risk peoples lives because he thought he could get away with it… and then he gets caught and FLEES THE SCENE! fuck this asshole.

  2. I think he should have been fired simply because he fled the scene… how can you respect these enforcement agencies when they have NO standard when it comes to responsibility and discipline? You can Literally shoot innocent people and not get fired? Fuck this world

  3. How fucking bitch made do you have to be to carry chambered while doing back flips… i hope this guy kills himself from embarrassment… classic denver occurrence right here

  4. A lot went wrong here, and I haven’t even gotten to the dance moves. 1st being properly maintaining your firearm – a retention holster made for the exact model of the firearm could have prevented this. 2nd it is atypical for LEO or MIL to carry at 6 o’clock. In fact, I never carry at anything outside of appendix to 3 o’clock. You don’t want to have to reach behind you in a defensive situation. This all equates to bad training. FBI or not. All responsibility is on the individual who decided to complacently carry a weapon.

  5. they are reviewing it lol. They will find there was no foul play and he will be free to continue his role in the Forced Biased Indoctrination job.

  6. For people that say he should have had the safety on, that doesn’t mean anything because generally the safety just prevents the trigger from being pulled, rather than blocking the hammer. It still would have gone off even if the safety was engaged

  7. Clearly, the weapon did not go off by itself. When the agent went to grab the weapon his hand was on it. After his hand was on it and his finger was on the trigger, then it fired. It did not fire when it hit the ground. This was a negligent discharge.

  8. Guns dont kill people;
    PEOPLE kill people", — Bunker Digging Gun Lobby.
    "Toasters dont toast toasts;
    TOASTS TOAsts Toasts",— Jasper Redd Pun Hobby.

    F- B- I'YAH!!-
    White bread doin goo'iid wit di Fiyah!!,… … …
    Dont know how to:
    Grab'um by di Butt,
    and not get the 'PIE'yawwww?
    should be in jail by now yall.

  9. He commits 3 felonys possession of a firearm while intoxicated possession of a fire arm inside a establishment that serves Alcohol 3.fireing his weapon in a public place

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