Andrew McCabe says his firing an effort to undermine Russia probe

Andrew McCabe says his firing an effort to undermine Russia probe

The firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who briefly led the agency after director James Comey was fired, says his dismissal Friday night is the latest attack on his credibility by the Trump administration. His firing comes less than two days before McCabe could retire with a full pension. Paula Reid reports.

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42 Comments to Andrew McCabe says his firing an effort to undermine Russia probe

  1. McCabe was investigated by Internal Affairs and was fired by his superiors ,has nothing to do with the Trump Administration. He's a lying sack of s***.

  2. In an outstanding Brookings Report “Political appointees as barriers to government efficiency and effectiveness” (J. Hudak, G. Wallack, 2016) retrieved from it shows with hard Return on Investment (ROI) numbers how DE-politization of Office of Inspectors Generals (OIGs) yeilds tremendous taxpayer benefit. This report provides hard data that proves that a major change is needed in the Federal Government that minimizes political appointments and politicization throughout. The data proves that it will yield tremendous cost savings and benefit to the taxpayers and government efficiency to keep the civil service out of politics. Our representatives in the US Congress need to keep the DOJ, CIA, DHS, DoD and the rest of the bureaucracy on a very tight leash using OIGs more effectively and by minimizing to an absoulte minimum political appointees throughout government.

  3. McCabe will get his pension trump traitor. Trump will die poor and disgraced by God. Signed: we the people.

  4. GabeZeRed says:

    Mueller is gonna grab Trump by his shrinking orange tiny balls! 😂

  5. MrJamberee says:

    His firing is just another step in draining the swamp.

  6. Jason Young says:

    I don’t think Sessions knows what ‘ candor’ means.
    According to his definition, he should sack himself.

  7. jmlfa says:

    Did he give the memos he wrote after interviewing Hildabeast too? Or he hasn't written them yet.

  8. James Hall says:

    He's a criminal.

  9. F8oK8 says:

    Trump is the rot attacking the heart of our Constitution.

  10. Beth D says:

    trump is a hateful, petty, petty little weak man. Don't mess with someone's retirement money!

  11. jmlfa says:

    Just wait a few more weeks. The fun hasn't ever started yet. In the meantime let's wish Andy a happy birthday.

  12. He leaked and then lied about it…Somehow this is russias fault?

  13. Shon Diego says:

    Would not this action be obstruction of justice on Sessions, again?

  14. Rob M says:

    Well, I just had a trump supporter reply to comment recently, and he came across as believing trump could tell no lies or do no wrong! He sounded just like the blind loyal ignoramus who believes trump can walk on water! Well John Lalawethika, you couldn't be more ignorant! That's why you probably voted for trump! The ignorance you seen in him is what his supporters see in themselves! And his supporters are not exactly the beacons of intelligence! I have yet to actually speak to any trump supporter with and educational value! I mean, it seems like you're all "Stuck in Stupid"! At least the Democrats are by far more educated than you could hope to be! I don't think that home schooling for republicans works to well!

  15. Joe Cain says:

    Andrew McCabe was asked to take a lie detector test he refused that's why he was fired

  16. If McCabe had been straight , recused himself when necessary and not lied to his own agency he would ve retired in good standing with his pension . Instead he chose a different route.

  17. Rob M says:

    Come on people, you've got it all wrong, we all know republicans never tell lies! They have always told the truth about everything at all times! It's just not like them to lie! I just can't believe they "Ever" lied about anything! They are so squeaky clean! And if I were to go back into their history and roll the video tape of their lives, I am certain it will show that they've never told a single lie! So we have to take them at their word!

  18. Poor McCabe. He clearly didn't do anything wrong because committing treason isn't wrong if you're doing it to cover up your own crimes and elect someone you know will pardon you. Don't worry Comey will defend you. NO ONE questions Comey on the left or the right. He's so damn honorable he has not stopped defending himself like a maniac, because he fears the grave consequences, not of any personal wrongdoing of his own of course, but because Trump is literally Putin's puppet. And political puppets are never to be trusted because they're so stupid that they allowed their own fate to be intertwined with powerful elites that are usually much stupider than they appear, thus they do highly irrational things to save their own skin. Extremely careless.

  19. Rob M says:

    And surely McCabe must have known republicans don't like law enforcement especially when "they" are the ones breaking the law! What criminals like law enforcement if they are the ones breaking the law?

  20. Hulahoney 70 says:

    McCabe, accept the consequences of your actions. You lied under oath. That's illegal. If it is a snippet of your values, then can we assume that you were this way your whole career. Also, stop giving my tax dollars away to those who are documented as underperformers per Human Resources. He broke the law.. If this happened to anyone else, we would lose our pension and go to jail!

  21. cross65 says:

    Oh right he wasn't fired due to the fact that he lied to the FBI while being questioned! Just like any other FBI agent you lie you're fired regardless of your stature. These people were using the FBI for their own political agenda. Jail them.

  22. Rob M says:

    As long as the idiot buffoon in the WH is firing republicans, it's ok by me! I just love to see the republican "Dogs of War" turn on each other like a pack of wild hyenas!

  23. Duke Silver says:

    Your credibility was gone when you demanded ACTUAL FBI agents falsify their 302 reports. You will find yourself in jail (at the very least) and more appropriately swinging from the proverbial yardarm.

  24. time for handcuffs to those who framed president trump.  we are all in danger by these sick left wing zealots who break the law. democrats= hitler

  25. Az Usmb says:

    – Won't it be interesting if someone's leaked emails surface which reveal that CBS/MSM knew about the coup against the POTUS and are now actively colluding to cover it up? Possibly the entire MSM could be charged under ALIEN & SEDITION/RICO statutes for aiding & abetting treason, along with the deep state plotters.- CALLING PROJECT VERITAS !@@!

  26. Larry King says:

    his wife received donation from hillary clinton, and he lied to FBI…

  27. No its not an effort to quiet the Russia probe. It's an effort to rid the FBI of a guy who was born with two heads like every male. McCabe just used the wrong head to think with. Happens often when power and politics are involved.

  28. DR Dan says:

    And his firing was well earned.  He did his best to use his position to fight Trump and use his position to undermine the President.  Not only should he be fired he has committed FELONY violations of law.  He thought all would be good when EVERYONE knew Hitlery Clinton would win…  But she LOST and he put all his cards on a loosing horse then supported that loosing game after the loss.  He gets what he earned.  He betrayed the public trust and deserves to loose his pension as well as his freedom.  He is a deep state CRIMINAL.  His sacking is draining the swamp that Trump promised. MAGA!

  29. steher says:

    ABC News Ian Cameron married to Susan Rice
    CBS President David Rhodes brother to Ben Rhodes, Obama national security adviser
    ABC Claire Shipman married to Jay Carney, Obama press secretary
    ABC Matthew Jaffe married to Katie Hogan, Obama deputy press secretary
    ABC Pres Ben Sherwood brother to Elizabeth Sherwood, Obama's special adviser
    CNN Pres Virginia Moseley married to Tom Nides, Hillary Clinton former deputy secretary

    Are you morons serious? #FakeNews

  30. steher says:

    More Fake news here. Dont worry CBS, you and the rest of the MSM will have to deal the the govt after all the traitors are exposed and removed.

  31. Fannie Dixon says:

    Right now this world 🌎 is a ball 🏀 of confusion never seen nothing like this in all the days of my life we need God to straighten this mess out

  32. Forlornguild says:

    These so called "news networks", they're propaganda and lies will soon be in the waste bin of history. Trash is what it is. I feel sorry for any minions still believing a single word from these disgusting liars.

  33. Islander says:

    "cbs news"….we report and decide for you. Journalism in this country is dead.

  34. Trump obviously have interests, investments, loyalties, or projects with Russia- that , without doubt obstruct his responsibility as President.

  35. John sarab says:

    Trump is such a GAS-HOLE!

  36. Pacert Smith says:

    Omg people stop with the "Fake News" crap not one person thought it or said it until Trump started saying it..jeeez give it a rest

  37. Azfun6 says:

    McCabe, you idiot… and your crooked cronies, the dumbascraps and Clinton crime family have completely undermined the American law system.  You are a corrupt POS.

  38. The Old Oak says:

    CBS has become another one of your grocery store tabloids ! Fake News .

  39. Russia probe is a huge waste of taxpayer $$$. And it is a joke. End it.

  40. redjack56 says:

    Trump is a slob and I hope he ends up in prison. FUCKFAKEDONNA

  41. It's about time. Now stick him jail!!!!