Barrie Tornado CBC News Coverage (1985)

CBC News coverage of the F4 Tornado that ripped up the South end of my hometown, Barrie, Ontario on May 31, 1985. Many of us who survived this disaster refer to this day as “Black Friday”.



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17 Replies to “Barrie Tornado CBC News Coverage (1985)”

  1. I was born in 1990 and grew up on chieftain heights and I remember there was a patch of woods just above the Holliday in off highway 400. There was a guard rail wrapped around a tree, pieces of a washing machine in the branches, splinters of wood stabbed strait through the trees. My mom lived a few blocks away from there before I was born and their house was destroyed.

    My mom told me a story of a little boy who died after leaving his friends house on his bike. He was impaled by a signpost…

  2. I saw the aftermath of this a few days later when I was 5. My parents, grandparents and uncle drove us there to see the devastation and stopped to help people. I remember seeing wooden telephone polls broken and wrapped around in circles like spagetti noodles. One house completely fine. The house next to it completely gone.

  3. I am reminded watching this (much with the current Fort McMurray situation) how proud I am to be Canadian. We handle situations like this with class, quiet and dignity – a very Canadian thing. We should be very proud of our strength and resilience – we will always see things through together.

  4. I was 5 when this tornado hit my home town…my family was lucky, the tornado veered to the south east, missing my house by 100 metres….I had nightmares about this day for 10 years…

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