Beatles: CBS News “30 Years Ago” Invasion Report

This aired on Friday February 4th, 1994 and looks back on the Beatles invasion. CBS also aired another story on Sunday February 6th 1994.
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  1. My face hurts from smiling throughout this video alking down memory lane. Except the minute I saw Yoko Ono. Can't help it. It was an instant stop smile.

  2. It was an historical event on many levels, most because America was mourning the assassination of their present about 11 weeks before and here are four Liverpudlian Lads who put a smile on the faces of young America and distracted everyone for just a moment from the national mourning

  3. It is highly possible that no other group of four young men will ever get together and accomplish what the Beatles did for the music industry To write a song, not that easy. To write a song that becomes a hit, you got talent. To write a hit that becomes number one , you're on top of the charts. To hold the no.1 .2 . 3. 4. & 5 spot (in a row) on Billboards top 100 songs of 1964 , you're on top of the world. Beatlemania , the screaming , the hair , the sound and more screaming…..there will never ever be another Beatles band or anything close to it. For those who were there to experience it….damn… Wasn't it awesome? For those too young and missed it…… I'm so sorry…. Cuz you missed out big-time

  4. @Alysha Smith – you're the one who is dumb. You can't even comprehend the fact that the Beatles had an impact on America. Who in this video said they owned them? They're arrival here in 1964 changed the music industry in this country and popular culture. Instead, you twist around the whole meaning of the sentiments here to show your lack of comprehension.

  5. God, we need another musical super group like the Beatles to wake up today's music industry. The modern scene today reminds me a lot of the pre-Beatles era, boy/girl bands and solo singers heavily dependent on others to write their songs and to produce their music. 

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