Behind President Trump’s decision to cancel summit with Kim Jong Un

President Trump canceled his planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday. The president sent a letter to Kim Jong Un, citing the Kim regime’s open hostility as the reason for canceling the meeting. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN to discuss the latest developments.



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46 Replies to “Behind President Trump’s decision to cancel summit with Kim Jong Un”

  1. I'm more interested in the FOOTBALL players meeting that the President cancelled -if you disrespect our flag and anthem, you have NO RIGHT to set foot in the Whitehouse-go play your stupid game in Europe-no one whatches you overblown overpaid egomaniacs anyway!

  2. Trump and his supporters are spinning his cowardly pull out of the summit as a "brilliant strategy" consistent with Trump's art-of-the-deal "genius"…

    a face saving manipulation..

    The truth is this… The US position going into the summit lacks a moral position, lacks a rational position, lacks a civilized position, lacks a social conscience, lacks recognition that the US Military is DETERRED by NK's Defensive Deterrent Nukes…. Saying NK is a threat to the US, still saying NK is threatening the US… when in reality NK is clearly saying "Don't tread on me" — we have nukes and we will fire back if attacked- Trump and the US are making foolish unreasonable demands that are non starters, Carrying out war games one of the major complaints against the US just before the the "summit" is belligerent, and coercive, Trump's only real card is this,,, Might makes US right, and The Ends justify the means.. Throw down you weapons and come out with your hands up — if you completely subordinat to US coercion we will help NK realize "our American Dream"

    North Korea has played their Summit cards perfectly, civilized, reasonable, honest, just like they have been playing their Nuclear Cards perfectly….

    NK has attained MND Mutual Nuclear Deterrence with the US. -MND is not MAD-, MND is also known as Civil Deterrence, Civilized Deterrence, Civilizing Deterrence, The Nobel Peace Price belongs to NK… Trump via misinformation, misrepresentation, distortion, calumny, antisocial memes, prevarication, equivocation, treachery, calumny, ridicule. logical fallacy, and flat out lies… is trying to steal NK's Nobel Prize.

    The big question is this….. will the US change, move away from its propaganda against NK, its acts of war "sanctions", its threatening War games, might makes right coercion, and become more civilized by virtue of the civilizing effect of Mutual Nuclear Deterrence? so far, apparently not.

    What the world should see, the major take away here is this, Nukes makes venues unsafe for war, a few nukes deters many nukes…. and this humiliating point for the US international "non proliferation" agenda.. the real reason for it… The entire US Military, the most powerful military force on earth, the most expensive military force on earth is Deterred by North Korea's few primitive NUKES… There can be no NKUS war… The US dares not risk causing directly or indirectly a Nuclear Detonation in the Korean Peninsula region, or anywhere in the Earths Biosphere… A Nuke Detonating anywhere in the biosphere will cause thousands of deaths -via cancer causing radioactive fall out in China, in Russia, in South America, in the US, in Europe, in Africa.. Not to mention the devistation in the immediate blast zone..

    The US has a lot of money invested in its military forces……-way more than it needs to defend the US- making the US, might makes right powerful… but are easily deterred by a few Defensive Deterrent Nuclear Weapons….. This is The Real Reason for the US "anti proliferation" agenda and propaganda..

    So what should happen here?

    MND, Civilizing Mutual Nuclear Deterrence is at work here… to start, the US refuses to admit this… because it is so publically humiliating for them….

    What exactly should happen………. I will spell it out.. more later.

    In summary though, this

    MND between Enemy Governments is a good thing, a civilizing force for good, to be reckoned with.

    There can be NO NKUS WAR! because of MND not MAD

  3. Be careful when negotiating with Communist , they only accept going to negotiation table only when they in weak position.
    US should learn Vietnam lesson back then . Don't listen to what they say or promise just look at what they do. They just buying time

  4. Trump is not a man who will be intimidated, nor will he bow to other leaders, the way other presidents have. He is strong and only has America and it's people's best interests at hand. Silly, stupid Korean boy. You think you can insult our leaders and still move forward? Reality check, rocket man, Trump does not play.

  5. How stupid can Trump be this is a chance to get this done over with. Only Trump's team screws up everything. I blame in poor planning in Trump's team.

  6. Trump's cancelling the meeting was just part of his negotiating style to put pressure on Kim.  Kim now has lowered his belligerence and is showing how amenable he is to the meeting and how much he wants to get things done with America.  People are blinded by their hate of Trump and can't see the forest through the trees.

  7. So by adding a Nuclear Explosion in the background and putting a Nuclear sign in the left top corner of the screen. It seems like scare tactics.

  8. In Democrats', especially Obergruppenführer Chuck Schumer's interest was to cancel any cooperation with North Korea. They want a war with Russia with N. Korean and Chinese fighting on the Russian side. Thus, their depopulation dream may be satisfied.
    Was Hillary the President, we would be already suffering the nuclear fallout, with Clintons, Schumer, Pelosi, Obamas, Schiff, etc. hiding far away.

  9. The US is not the only ones to have sanctions against north Korea. No one wants to have anything to do with them either commercially nor economically because of the regime that has been in place since the 1940's. They closed themselves of from the world and it's cost them dearly. The only mention of nuclear anything from the US has been very recent,not over the last 65 years and that was only in a defensive posture.

  10. I'll agree with the first two,but as to the third,it's part of a larger strategy I think to put him in a better position against the north Koreans at the bargaining table.

  11. Bolton and Pence sabotaged things deliberately. They played on Trump's ego and stupidity. Of course CBS is too chickenshit to say that.

  12. Living in South Korea these days must be like having an explosive belt strapped on your body 24/7 never knowing when your life could end in an instant. How do you live with that anxiety on a daily basis?

  13. This was totally predictable from the moment Pompeo was appointed to head State Department and Bolton to National Security Advisor. The neocons who control the USA do not want peace with N Korea or anywhere else. They want war, war and more war. The USA is the aggressor here, not N Korea. Trump is just another puppet of the neocons and then call the shots. And they all work for Israel. Trump is president in name only.

  14. North Korea is not keeping their end of the bargain. Trump has to walk away and make NK realize they have to play ball. We will meet on U.S. terms not N.K.

  15. Trump just resign before you start a nuclear war just hit the road jack and don't come back no more, the worst dumbest potus ever trump get a life

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