BG Kumbi Jesse Watters Interview… My Fox News debut

BG Kumbi Jesse Watters Interview... My Fox News debut

I went on Fox to smash the fash comrades

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He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given. – Proverbs 19:17

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27 Comments to BG Kumbi Jesse Watters Interview… My Fox News debut

  1. Bae on the big screen preaching the truth ❤

  2. dellowyog says:

    Look at all the snowflakes melting away. ANTIFA will whip some ass and by the way you right winger cry babies are the snowflakes, pure white and ever so fragile.

  3. David Carson says:

    Kumbi is dumber than a rock

  4. John Smith says:

    I remember this haha

  5. Fuck the left I am a republican and a Mexican

  6. ZephoN says:

    Better dead than red.

  7. Burning a limousine was a dumb idea. Even if it wasn’t you your supporting it. When you burned it all it did was get people to hate you more. They might even fear you know but when was that ever related to the point of your hatred for trump. Also, how the hell is a horse racist? It doesn’t understand what’s going on! It’s just trained to follow orders of the police!

  8. Danny N says:

    "I got in the special needs class because I joined antifa

  9. Will Kelly says:

    Wait, did you convince Fox news that you were ANTIFA or are you actually ANTIFA.

  10. He trolled his way to fox news

  11. Trump an America tragedy. Trump can’t make a deal. Impeach trump yesterday

  12. Wilson and Marx together was a nice touch

  13. Love the problem glasses and the Marx picture.

  14. holy crap i love you

  15. TheTrumpster says:

    Its trash bag man

  16. is that karl marx in kevin’s background

  17. Cat Lady says:

    That news reporter was pissing me off. Good job for being calm.

  18. I only watched him challenging 4chan and now I see how much this lad grew

  19. A real human bean and a real an hero