Bill Maher Puts Fox News on BLAST for the Events in Charlottesville

Bill Maher condemns Fox News for the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Va. He puts blame squarely on the network and makes it known that: “They are the Jurassic Park that took the DNA of the Nazis and reanimated it,”

This occurred on the 18th of August episode of Real Time.



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45 Replies to “Bill Maher Puts Fox News on BLAST for the Events in Charlottesville”

  1. There is one thing I can say tramp did that I sort of appreciate in a backwards sort of way. It's now VERY easy to know who I don't want to associate with because of their political, religious, and racial beliefs. If I see a person wearing a maga hat, I know they have nothing intelligent or informed to say and I move on.

    I was surprised to see my father amungst those ranks, and I no longer hold any value in his opinion, but at least now I am AWARE that I shouldn't bother concerning myself with his viewpoints.

  2. 3:32 "I can't agree with that" Uh, why not? His father was a Klansman. In the 80's Donald Trump wouldn't let black people work in his hotels or on his yacht. This is documented.

  3. Gavin…he is so handsome..and his energy doesnt feel like a pervert..shocking for a sleaze..and he has some wisdom. Niccceee

  4. Bill Maher is a cringy wimp who thinks he has a point stating meaningless buzzwords and accusations with no basis in reality. Basic liberal living in his bubble. The only thing Obummer gave US was an unstable middle east and 10 extra trillion dollars in debt


  6. Obama had the slowest economic growth in American history. Trump has 3% GDP for the first time in over a decade because he got rid of Obama’s anti business regulations. Americans now have the highest net worth in the history of the US because everyone’s 401k is going up. Unemployment is at its lowest in 20 years. ISIS has lot 80% of its territory. Illegal immigration is way down. Trump is doing a great job and all they can do is lie and say trumps a racist with no actual proof.
    Black Lives matter was created on a lie. Hands up don’t shoot never happened. Harvard did a study that showed white people are actually more likely to get shot by cops in the same situation. Yes there are a couple bad cops, but cops aren’t leaving there house looking for black people to kill, the main problem is the black culture. Drug dealing, no fathers, they don’t care about school. Obama should have shut down this racial tension.

  7. Fox News is the only news organization on Tv that reports some truths. CNN and msnbc is a 24 hr commercial for liberals.

  8. Intelligent people would be concerned about biased news period. The news should just tell what happens, not tell people how to feel about things that happen. CNN and Fox News are polar opposites of the same problem in the news these days. Just like a laugh track tells people what is funny in a sitcom, while often wrong, the news has now added anchors who tell people what to feel and that the other news network that disagrees with them is stupid/fake/whatever. Can people no longer think for themselves?

  9. What I found most shocking about this is that people I went to school with, people I work with, saying to me on FB, "Both sides do it" and that the LEFT is way more violent … than NAZIs. That Trump is justified in his ignorance. It makes me sad for this country. The MSM is ALSO culpable in this as they continue the "Everything is Equal" narrative.

  10. My God! Bill Maher has such an intense hate for Donald Trump and Fox News that he can’t be rational when talking about them. He considers himself “NORMAL” and anyone that does not agree with his views, I guess are “abnormal” or maybe “retarded”. But like its NORMAL with the left, if you spit out enough insults and tell enough jokes about the ones they don’t agree with, then their opinion becomes truth and “NORMAL”. Never mind evidence, just a joke and insult will do to win the argument. I like Bill Maher as a Comedian, cause you have to give it to guy his good, but when it comes to political opinions his brain is probably the size of golf ball.

  11. Mr. Maher is funny, but he never blast the Jews for their murderous crimes in Palestine, also thugs like Hillary Clinton are spared. You want to be cool, be balanced, truthful and don't ignore facts and the crimes of your friends.

  12. Fucking RACIST, LIAR, THIEF, CHEAT, KILLER & FAKE NEWS preh-ZO-din-tay!!!! Predator-In-Chief, PUSSY-IN-HAND preh-ZO-din-tay!!! LMAO!!!!! FUCK strumpette!!!!

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  14. Yeah, Bill , you really know, you're in touch with America, yeah Bill, you really know , you're the difference, yeah sure you know Bill

  15. This isn't even news anymore, it's all punditism trying to sway the way people think and brainwash people while being disguised as news, Fox News is the only logical "Facts" based network compared to every other network catering to and pushing feelings and your emotional buttons

  16. So only one barely conservative network compared to every other network being super liberal and fox is the problem? These people have their heads so far up there virtuous a$$ they're losing touch with reality

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