Bill O’Reilly talks about Megyn Kelly, Fox News

Bill O'Reilly talks about Megyn Kelly, Fox News

Bill O’Reilly joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss his new children’s book “Give Please A Chance,” and he was also asked about his colleague Megyn Kelly, whose new book addresses alleged harassment by former Fox News boss Roger Ailes.


But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. – 2 Chronicles 15:7

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50 Comments to Bill O’Reilly talks about Megyn Kelly, Fox News

  1. Cary Revels says:

    Come back Bill we miss you..

  2. Mark Barden says:


  3. jom_ aca says:

    Powerful rich men are a target for strange women that want to profit in situations. Billshould never have left fox all because a strange womas said she been harassed

  4. No spin here said the Leprechaun

  5. Jesse M says:

    Bill Oreilly Pervert and Molester.

  6. how do people support this raciest woman raper

  7. You're NOT Irish, Bill. Please.

  8. timber_beast says:

    Humiliated old man with liver spots needs to go away now.

  9. Ralph C says:

    How much talking these days are they doing about Charlie Rose?

  10. Fck cbsn and their fcked up hosts. Go Bill.

  11. Adam Romero says:

    He thinks his old tactics will work lol

  12. your not irish..your american

  13. Bill O'rielly what a thick numpty

  14. kk doc says:

    Bill O’Reilly is such a despicable character. He IS NOT INTERESTED in a book about sexual harassment???? He doesn’t want the network to look bad????? HILARIOUS

  15. Joanne Cheek says:

    Nora is a clown! Go Bill.

  16. God bless bill o Reilly

  17. I will say this about Bill O’Reilly. He has balls that are made of diamond, surrounded by rebar, and buried in concrete. Meaning he will pretty much tell the Pope that he thinks he is bad or something.

  18. petercox9 says:

    may i please touch your p*ssy. yes, bill, it's a lot more polite when you sexually harass that way.

  19. Fox News look bad…

  20. Me.god. says:

    "I love Foxnews.It's a good place to work…." 22 women have come out against sexual harrassment….Right scooter, would you like a hot dog with that?

  21. So I guess it's ok for Madonna (Biggest pig on the planet) to write a children's book, but if Bill does it, well then we'd best alert the press. All these salty leftists calling him a pervert b/c they've obviously worked with the guy.

  22. The pervert is is gone now are you right wing women going to still defend him?

  23. peekaboots01 says:

    Look how loyal he was and they fired him in return. Idiots.

  24. Mike Scala says:

    Stick it up their butts Billy . Bunch of fake news

  25. did you ever know a blue eyed person,that you didnt have problems with??

  26. gilream says:

    Bill, you invaded that poor, poor woman's personal space by standing up to her assault.  She almost ran off the set and retreated to her "safe place"  LMAO

  27. Moon Cake says:

    Norah got the wack outta Bill the best. Well done, Norah.

  28. gerard henry says:

    go bill you are a great irish man you are the best

  29. QV Strong says:

    He sooo guilty!

  30. Glenn Duncan says:

    I Miss Bill, He Was Never Boring

  31. His network? 😂😂😂

  32. Mark Stengel says:

    MK = Democratic pundit !!!

  33. redword2007 says:

    Bill O'Reilly, sexual predator.

  34. Holly Louise says:

    Me thinks O'Reilly doth protest too much! (in this video in which he professes to not even know what's in the book? C'mon! If he does suspect what's in it, why is he so strongly defending Fox?)
    Many months on we now know he has repeatedly settled cases (6 of 'em) of sexual harassment allegations against him, and to the height of now $32 million dollars for justd the latest one of them. What innocent man does that??

  35. wikiyeah4me says:

    I lost it when he said "we do honest work"

  36. Dwyane Wade says:

    1:38 the real question is…
    are you okay? Call the ambulance she is having a seizure.

  37. PurushaDesa says:

    Hahaha! Hahaha! A maniac has turned threatening live on air! Hahaha! Show must go on!

  38. Trent Timoy says:

    Must be SAD to know that you settled a sexual (deviant) harassment case for 32 million bucks. Poor Racist Pervert Billy. So sad.

  39. "Honest work"? That's laughable

  40. dietlamp says:

    Fox News is a great place to work… yeah if you’re a man who likes to sexually harass women and get away with it.

  41. Obs509 says:

    $32,000,000 – say no more!!!!!

  42. Paige Smith says:

    I love O Riley and his loyalty to his network his audience fans and job; look for another "journalist" or "tv host" to do the same Fox News needs to bring him back before its too late… not many loyal people left.

  43. When did your network ever look good, Bill?

  44. wagzel says:

    The kind of man is – his daughter testified that Bill was choking out her mother right in front of her.

  45. Bill lost me when he didn't defend Megan against the known pervert.

  46. Bohemianh says:

    funny as Bill was canned by the murdochs.

  47. Timmy KoKo says:

    Conniving Business System Network.