Black culture at the royal wedding – BBC News

Black culture at the royal wedding - BBC News

Meet the black gospel choir and African American preacher who took centre-stage at the royal wedding.

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He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things? – Romans 8:32

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27 Comments to Black culture at the royal wedding – BBC News

  1. Marie Weaver says:

    Love love love 💖

  2. Tony Soza says:

    This is racial propaganda…BLACK CULTURE DOESN'T EXIST IN THE SAME WAY WHITE CULTURE DOESN'T EXIST…..This is very insulting we are all very different with different nationalities and different cultures in the same way it applies to white people….HOW IS THIS TYPE OF THING OK IN 2018 FROM A MAJOR NEWS NETWORK! racism is childish grow up its 2018

  3. So So says:

    Destroy white culture!!!!!

  4. Echo Bluff says:

    Never miss an opportunity to make something that isn't about you about you

  5. Cuckian says:

    Of course you could trust brainwashed basic idiot Harry to deal the final blow to the "royal" family

  6. Miranda Al says:

    I'd like to ask the BBC: Why are subtitles needed when these black people – both British and American – are speaking?

  7. Jog on says:

    Can the BBC please fuck right off!

  8. Streemlion says:

    BBC stop being racist! Did "Black culture" need to be an issue? Let alone making your title.

  9. Negroes are a lost cause.

  10. This whole thing is nothing but a Jewish plot.

  11. Harry has been in Africa since he wss 13. There's something that attracted him towards Africa. And he met Megarn, bingo. He said it was love at first sight, and in few weeks they were in Africa. There's something magical in Africa for all mankid as their original habitat.

  12. john ross says:

    god was with us all in this joyush day we are all beautifull children of god ,, lets love one another now and always,, god bless this amazing couple and hope they have 10 children,,, read your bible and watch the miricles happen to u

  13. but but but she straightens her hair. I get confused but isn't that cultural appropriation?

  14. LOT of bigots in the comments…………………..

  15. slick67cuda says:

    It won’t be long before the royal family are wearing weaves, sporting mouths clad in gold, and twerking. 🤮

  16. slick67cuda says:

    This is about the MOST preposterous thing I’ve ever seen in my life. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  17. That boy was exceptional & to think he’s just 19 & merely starting out in life!

  18. Nikki D says:

    Its so ugly and out of place

  19. RICK CHIPO says:

    It's funny to see whites got pissed off because title says black culture..what's wrong being called black culture? Yes it's black culture,music was born in Africa before Europe..ancient Africans were practicing music for thousands of years..some people pretend to be black from Nigerians and African nationals yet you are whites who offended the word black culture..I'm African too yeah it's black culture

  20. Why you giving us subtitle coz they are speaking American accent lol that is funny

  21. Coffee Jack says:

    Degeneracy at display.
    This is an active push to ruin european traditions and the royal lineage that date back to 1066.
    They performed gospel music at a ROYAL WEDDING, and everything about the wedding itself breaks from all traditions.
    And new information regarding Meghan Markle shows just how poor judgement Prince Harry has, he will never be king with the support of his family i can tell you that much.
    Biggest scandal in the history of royal weddings.

  22. Since when is a Cello music Black culture? And who talks about American Slavery at a British wedding?

  23. Pepe TheFrog says:

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  24. Complete racism toward's white's who built everything around you even when meghan look's white with a light tan.

  25. Who is that knocked out @ 2:14? 😂

  26. Kirwina says:

    I was so so shocked to see so many black people at a royal wedding – something so uncommon but wow. The monarchy would seem a bit more likeable