Bosnia: Cradle of modern jihadism? BBC News

20 years ago in the civil war in Bosnia, hundreds of Arab jihadists came to join Bosnian Muslims fighting against their neighbours the Serbs and Croats. Grouped into secret fighting units in Central Bosnia, this was the first time in centuries Jihad had been fought against a Western, Christian enemy. Two decades later Bosnia is still reaping the consequences. In the past month ISIS declared the Balkans the next front of Jihad – and in remote mountain villages extremists are flying the ISIS flag. Mark Urban returns to Bosnia and discovers how secular Bosnian society has been infiltrated by a militant Islamism which operates to this day.

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37 Replies to “Bosnia: Cradle of modern jihadism? BBC News”

  1. Evo odgovora ko je izazvao svo zlo na ovim prostorima…..Jebao nam BBC mater svima na Balkanu,eu i ameri….Evo sad mozemo da uzivamo u svojim drzavama…

  2. When active on the road…we had a game….. find a building or wall, without bullet holes!!! Prize was o'douls beer…!!! Hard to find in a war zone…!!!

  3. 2 years now what happened ? NOTHING ! Why ? Because news are full of shit ! So are the people that can't forget and move on about past war that happened in Bosnia which had many innocent victims. Now they spread bullshit stories of hate around to new generations to make them afraid because they can't let go of the past. Don't believe in any of this shit. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a safe place for both Muslims and Christians. Much safer then America.

  4. Mainstream media are those who make these stories and only show us what they want us too see…. They don't talk about the para military četnik groups in and around Bosnia scum BBC CNN and soon on same owners all Zions

  5. BBC was it not your organisation that was demonising the Serbs and the Croats, while these animals were torturing innocent civilians? Old men, women and children. You facilitated the NATO bombing of Serbia and Republika Srpska and now you have decide to cover this!!! shameless

  6. A za kurac im je i isil i sve,znaju oni ko su i sta su,poturice obicne… znaju i slavu koju su slavili i ime djeda.. Nmg se vratiti na to sto su bili a nmg ni biti muslimani kao oni iz arabije,to ih izjeda…

  7. I’m literally studying Law in the main city of Bosnia, you can look me up because I use my real name everywhere. If you really think that a beautiful country like ours would support that sh*t, you’re welcome to hit me up so I can tell you how it really is here. Bosnians are so disinterested and depressed, trying to get by with this terrible government. Since the Kingdom of SHS (1918) everyone is trying to take away our identity and our land, but the new generation is pretty motivated to make this place heaven on Earth, no matter if you’re muslim, catholic, LGBTIQ+, jewish, black, white or any other thing that makes us different but NOT LESS WORTH. The only thing you need to be is UNDERSTANDING and ready to improve. That’s all.
    Lots of love from Sarajevo.

  8. Why is you government financing those terrorist in Middle East ?! Come to Bosnia,every real muslim will tell you,those guys are NOT REAL MUSLIMS !! British pieces of shit..

  9. I don’t know why the English are even making a segment about terrorists in Bosnia when the English, German, and American governments supported these same guys you see today in the 1990’s. Demonized the Serb Army for defending their land against radical islamists.

  10. Islam is the cradle of jihadists not bosnia. Quit trying to baffle people with bullshit. This world will not know peace until islam is removed and forgottten or until YWHW defeats and makes to bow down the demon lord allah (antichrist), which is soon.

  11. Literally everything said in this "documentary" is wrong and exaggerated, it looks like as if it was made on purpose to falsely inform people about the situation in Bosnia. The muslims here are not terrorists, even those once separated schools are no longer separated due to long protests and citizens acting up against separation! BBC is a load of bullshit, makes me question everything I think I know when I see how they convey information onto people that have no clue about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegowina.

  12. I have not heard more lies in 10 minutes than in this video. Irresponsibility of this journalist should be sanctioned. The complexity and simultaneous simplicity of Bosnia and Herzegovina can not even be understood by this so-called journalist, let alone make a broadcast about it. Bosnia has to do with jihad-ism as much as any other country on planet Earth. It's a very dangerous way to spread falsehoods about Bosnia and Herzegovina!!!! "The drunk mingle with those in hijabs and Bosnian team shirts disguise who is a serb or croat or muslim"!!!!!!! This statement and the whole show is wrong in so many ways and it shows clearly that you do not have a clue about BiH. I wonder what right do you have to approach so irresponsibly to this job that carries too much responsibility. Shame on you BBC!!!!

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