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todays world news – BREAKING NEWS NORTH KOREA PASASABUGIN ANG GUAM | WORLD NEWS #worldnews #breakingnews #music #headlinenews

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  1. Ghost Buster says:

    yaa do it Kim you will be like Sadam death by hangaroo XD!!!

  2. the war is not yet coming untill they finish the house of the satan in israel do you think that the leader of USA..EU…UN>>>is good they are the menber of illuminati i think they are the group of satan that stringer the war

  3. Alexander field is hot af

  4. Killbill S. says:

    his stupid ass ….he will not do it.that guy hes gay…hes got no balls.

  5. sure ako dyan pinag aaralan n ng us kung panu nila burahin ang nkorea mapanganib ang nk hnd papayagan yan ng us kagaya sa iraq

  6. if you want to stop the war and nukes… my anonymous friend suggest, someone must assasinate that crazy president in NK

  7. If North Korea is gonna bomb Guam they would be pussys to do it and they know that US Army is gonna whoop their asses with nuclear warheads just one can eradicate them and a new version of the world map without north korea

  8. Pag ang north korea pinasabog ang guam damay ang pilipinas

  9. If ww3 start its time for the end of the world

  10. God help us all the prophecy in revelations is starting lets get ready cause jesus is coming

  11. Alex freed says:

    Iran does finance N.Korea against us . i garanty this

  12. will somebody offer a reward for Kim crazy ass bitch head already? i don't have money! maybe some rich ppl can ? he is putting everyone on earth in danger!!he does not deserve to live. dear north koreans u see how nice south korea is? u all canlive like that if he is gone. think about it.

  13. north korea threatens to launch nuclear missles bec itis the usa's fault? wtf idiot crazies korean shits

  14. call the avengers duhhh.. or son goku and naruto of japan,, and you have nothing to worry about

  15. Stephen C says:

    Lets hope fat boy attacks so we can see him get clobbered. Just make sure to get it on TV so we can watch while we eat our hot dogs.

  16. tin ge says:

    Guam will be safe the instant US military leaves that island!

  17. james adorable tama ka ngpapansin lng yan north takot yan hindi.nila alam na ang usa ang meron secret weapon or bomba na mas malakas pa sa nilaglag ng usa sa hiroshima japan na 70.000 people ang namatay.

  18. Kenny Kay says:

    from now on, the u.s will have heavy military presence around Korean peninsula, good luck. the Americans are not leaving any time soon

  19. Kenny Kay says:

    north Korea is playing with fire, never ever wake up a sleeping giant

  20. He can do that by using his old submarine….

  21. CNN eats this stuff

  22. Korea… No man land. Tigas titi yan. kaya yon koreano dto sa pinas mag balot na kayo bumalik na kayo sa pinangalingang nio animal kayo

  23. Ito na yata ang katapusan ng mundo

  24. its not guam its alaska first

  25. BY3E says:

    Sale tayo sa War GAMET NATIN AY…….. 100%Mananalo tayo Sakanila Promise Yab


  26. boyet repato says:

    This fucking korean leader is a psycho moron!

  27. Jose Rosado says:

    we will all be in trabel

  28. Oscar Suarez says:

    just to analized …if you a driving a car …where you going ??that means Korea having a great power so it will pursue to win the game…

  29. Oscar Suarez says:

    north having a simple power turning a great …power ..just to beware … on saying north Korea is a weak country…

  30. Didn't WE LEARN anything from the PAST about WAR. WE ALL SUFFER. Where's the SOLUTION in that. NOTHING

  31. Usually, Normally, PEOPLE want to make CHANGE for the BETTER for themselves, FAMILY, and FRIENDS. Make a BETTER CHANGE in this WORLD WE LIVE ON. NOT WAR.

  32. It seems to me that the North Korean Leader (Son) is NOT running the show there. It's his Military General's and Advisors. I could be wrong.

  33. WAR! Does it really matter who has how many MISSILES in the possession. WHY, have nuclear missiles in the first place. Or anything NUCLEAR.

  34. I have to say, I thought North Korea's Leader would change the ways his Father ran the country. A better way for North Korean people. And for the North and South Korea to come together. They are all KOREANS.