CBS News Cronkite & Co Promos 1979

From CBS a series of promos for the CBS Evening News featuring the reporters on the broadcast. Bert Quint, Robert Pierpoint, Lesley Stahl, Lee Thornton and Charles Kuralt. These are tagable affiliate promos, when they wipe to green, the local station logo and time would be inserted. At the end is a quick :10 ID for WTOP-TV. I don’t recall seeing many image promos for the Cronkite era CBS Evening News, these are pretty good. The music track is urgent and builds to a good sting.


8 Replies to “CBS News Cronkite & Co Promos 1979”

  1. The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite was Number 2 behind The Huntley-Brinkley Report on NBC from its debut in 1962 until Chet Huntley's retirement July, 1970, when Cronkite took the Number 1 position.

  2. Someone told me that WKBN did a promo with Tom Holden and Walter Cronkite and it said Holden, Cronkite and Co only on the CBS Evening News and Newswatch 27.

  3. I think these were a response to ABC News dedicating more money and talent to World News Tonight. This was not long after the introduction of the three anchor format at ABC, and when ABC was conducting 'talent raids' on other networks. There were probably some at CBS News who didn't like 'marketing' Cronkite but times were changing.

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