CNN News _ Forgotten faces: Japan’s comfort women [June 7, 2012 ]


Nikon cancels a photo exhibition
by Ahn Sehong on Japan’s
comfort women in Tokyo

Photographer says he believes it
demonstrates discrimination
against the women

“Comfort women” is the term
given to Korean women used as
sex slaves by Japanese soldiers

Now in their 80s and 90s, the
women are living their final
years in poverty in rural China



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42 Replies to “CNN News _ Forgotten faces: Japan’s comfort women [June 7, 2012 ]”

  1. In Vietnam, there are tens of thousands of female victims, who were raped and slaughtered by demon South Korean soldiers in the Vietnam War. Some female survivors unwillingly have children by Korean's rape. These children are called "Rydehyan (Korean half-breed)".

    Let's look back horrible history. Very poor South Korean government sent 325,517 mercenaries to the Vietnam War in 1964-1973, in order to get huge reward money from the US. These demon South Korean soldiers committed countless atrocities again and again and again in Vietnam. South Korean devils slaughtered so many Vietnamese villagers including old people, children and women. You will surely vomit if you know bloody, brutal and inhuman atrocities by South Korean demon soldiers

  2. The greatest mystery after the WW ||
    Nobody noticed Koreans over 40 years !
    Although 200,000girls were kidnapped and massacred !
    Why did not anyone notice for over 40 years ?
    Why did not anyone notice why 200,000girls were kidnapped and massacred ?
    What were the Korean men doing ?

  3. if japan put hundreds of poor korean girls into trucks and took away to rape them, like Koreans say, what were their father or other men around them doing?

    also, koreans insist that most of those girls were killed and Japanese put their dead body underground to hide evidence of sex slaves, but why cant u still find any remains?

    And, Koreans say "200,000" women were taken away and made to be sex slaves, but why can't we still find any witnesses??

    Many people forget (or even don't know and criticizing Japan) that Japan and Korea weren't fighting. They were both Japan. So, there were many more Japanese comfort women than Korean comfort women.

  4. Koreans fabricated the story of forced recruitment of comfort women as part of their malicious attempt to tarnish the reputation of the Japanese race. Those who believe in the dirty trickery are either racists or low-IQ idiots, or both.

  5. Chinese and Koreans are spreading lies all over the world and brainwashing foreigners who don't know about this. And they gave them money and make them write wrong history in textbooks. So be careful. Suppression of free speech is not allowed in USA.

  6. The world can not put up with such fabrication and denial of Japanese war atrocities including human trafficking.  Japan should be condemned and punished for their wrongdoings.  Anybody helping them to hide and fabricate their sins ought to be ashamed. Any accomplice in that would bring you a demise.

  7. However, in recent years, the "documents interviews with former comfort women of 16 people," which became the basis of the talks,unnatural points is discovered many.
    In addition, proof that the Japanese army forced the comfort women is not found, proof that is not forced rather just been discovered.
    Currently, the Japanese people have begun anger.

  8. When you have heard a similar story temporarily, rather than the person who is to comfort women forced, it would be people who were prostitution against the Japanese soldiers.
    Prostitution is the act to be denial, but it was done all over the world not only Japan at that time.
    It is estimated that the prostitute was the customer the Japanese soldier, and had 50000-200000 people.
    Could have been also cases in some, it is rape, but not remain in the recording.

  9. The Prime Minister Who?
    First of all, the Japanese government had admitted that the military is involved in the procurement of comfort women, the meeting in 1993 called "Kono discourse" is a begins.
    Without knowing that it is a lie that South Korea-made, Mr. Kono had admitted their findings without also found evidence carelessly.
    Japanese people at the time who do not know anything, had been properly remorse to the comfort women.

  10. >from all over the world
    Rather than all over the world, South Korea is almost.
    >United Nations
    Person who made the remarks crazy It is also South Koreans.

    Cases that are coming out proof to support the coercion, is because only case of Dutch women.
    Do you know a case where there is proof to the other?
    (The testimonies of the person that is not a proof.)
    I know some proof not forcibly to Conversely.
    For history, you try to reference a textbook overseas?

  11. >NEVER Forced
    There are examples of local military contrary to the intention of the Japanese government in Indonesia, was to comfort women to force the Dutch woman.
    Of course, military personnel of those contrary to rules are convicted in court.
    Regarding forcing, I do not know of any other case.

  12. Even Abe and other Japanese extremists do admit the existence of "comfort women". What they want to insist is that the imperial government tried to arrest those criminal brothels which forced or cheat women( mainly from Japan, Korea and China) to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers.

    You can see a picture of a Korean newspaper reporting about an arrest in 1939 at ttp://

  13. No.urgly never ends.

    How about your comment on Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse?

    Also “What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in World War II France By Duane McMullen”said ” And “American soldiers fighting in France in WW2 claims that many civilians did not think them liberators but as sex-mad rapists, thieves and robbers”

    Why does CNN keep ignoring on this?
    Same attitude level is kept on Chinese as well as American though….

  14. The big difference between South Korea and imperial Japanese Army, that South Korea kidnapped women suspected of espionage and
    north korea women, and it directly managed the brothels for the one of purpose “좌익혐의자들 성노예화로 응징한 것”

  15. Then, the Japanese government has issued a compensation by creating a private fund to apologize to the comfort women,
    because the issue of personal compensation have been resolved in the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty.

    On the other hand, the Korean government prohibited the inspection of materials of Korea army special comfort women of all,
    has put pressure on academics. and korean media was silent as promised.

  16. Korean are insisting that soldier forced young girls to sex slaves.
    I wonder why korean people are insisting soldiers kidnapped and forced women of the same ethnic to sex slaves?

  17. More than 80 % of Koreans were elected in the Do(kind of state) parliament election in those days.the governors of the first、 6th、 8th、 9th、 10th until 1945 of Chungchongnam-do were Koreans.The other Dos were the same.As to the Daejeon Police Department、 the Captain number 2 from the top and the Superior Detective were Koreans
    Old Japanese colonial policies were utter different form the images many westerns imagine、 as like you slaughtered or exploited the native and the black.

  18. How would they have journals they were sex slaves do u think they are allowed to have journal and bring back proof ?you must be Japanese always in denial. can other countries invade u and rape,kill and then deny ? I don't think ull like it. so argue all u want u jus sound stupid yeah sure sure all 200000 women were willing to have sex with people who are invading and killing their people and family.. u must be retardedly in denial

  19. comfort my ass!!! it was straight up rape and torture. japan just likes to deny and slap the victims in their faces ! till this day when will the west wake up ? sad our American supporting them …

  20. The "truth" according to Japan. (1) No Nanjing massacre occurred, and all stories are made-up by Chinese. (2) No sex slaves existed, and all stories are made up by Korea, China, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines etc. (3) Japan was genuinely trying to help Korea and China, it was not invasion. (4) Unit 731 human experiments are all fake stories. (5) Japan is really the true victim of WWII, and Japan is innocent of all wrongdoing. DID I MISS ANYTHING?

  21. Right or left does not matter for falsifying history. Whole "Comfort Women" issue is nonsense.

    For instance, 200 thousands abducted sex slaves? There were only 4 to 5 million soldiers. It's about 1 slave for 20 or 25. This simply cannot be true. 1st comfort woman confess she sold by her mother, 2nd proved she made million $ for current value.

    Comfort Women existed just like current licensed prostitution in Europe and other countries. If you object it, blame the countries allowing it today.

  22. The facts.

    1. There were new paper ads "Now comfort women are hiring!"
    2. There are bank accounts proves that Korean comfort women made fortune as professional sex workers.
    3. Majority of comfort women were Japanese.

    What kind of idiots would put ads on new papers or paid huge amount money if there were 200 thousands Korean sex slaves?

    Why the majority of comfort women were Japanese?


  23. I understand that the correspondent Kyung Lah, a Korean American, wants to bash Japan and help her fellow Korean artist, but the whole issue started because the Korean artist was trying to make money even though Nikon prohibits artists' economic activity when the camera let artists use its facility for exhibit. It was considered a fraud case.

    Also, why doesn't the Korean government try to help them come back to Korea?

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