David Icke talks conspiracy theories – BBC News

David Icke talks conspiracy theories - BBC News

David Icke is asked about conspiracy theories around 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. The former footballer and TV presenter spoke to Andrew Neil, Liz Kendall and Michael Portillo about theories. He said “much of it is backed up by hard factual information” when he looked at George Osborne and David Cameron on the EU, and what really happened over Tony Blair and the UK government’s actions over the Gulf War.

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32 Comments to David Icke talks conspiracy theories – BBC News

  1. Adam Kincaid says:

    That a hole was insinuating that Icke and people like him are intellectually lazy? I sharply disagree and call that guy and others like him ignorant.

  2. Tony Kenyon says:

    What a lip smacking moist mouth loon

  3. did he play geoffrey in rainbow

  4. maybe icke is just pissed because his media business isn't mainstream and he wants it to be. how does that make him any difference to the mainstream media?

    oh look! i have book and a world tour! we all got to make bank dave, we all got to make bank.

  5. Deuce73 says:

    The UK is so much more open to these topics. The US is shady they are terrified of people opening up and speaking their minds.

  6. Les Phillips says:

    Andrew Neil. Investigative journalist? Joke!!!!

  7. Hoity says:

    Spot on David, a shining light. Check out Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell

  8. David James says:

    I was interested in this until Mr Icke said the royals are lizards , that is so far out there that he completely killed all his credibility .

  9. I first heard David on Talksport with James Whale back in 2004. I never heard of this guy prior, then I started reading his books and going to his talks. My life hasn’t been the same, in fact, I’ve experienced so many amazing life synchronicities of places, books, people etc.. in the right order of events.

    People are so quick to pre-judge via a preconception of who he is without even reading a single book of his, how pathetic and ignorant to judge a man without even meeting him or reading his books? I’ve had the honour of meeting David personally and having a long one to one conversation. From my perspective, he comes across as genuine, honest and full of integrity who wants to know what the heck is going on. He’s not a Guru, he’s not a prophet, he’s not even JESUES! He’s a man who has stepped out of his own bubble of FEAR and into areas that most are afraid of.

    Do I believe everything he says? Of course not, we all have a right to accept information that resonates with us and leave the rest. David has clearly said don’t believe everything he says and start thinking for ourselves from our own unique perspective of reality. I find it funny that people easily put me into a box called “ickism” or “ickist”, as if I’m part of some sort of cult /religion and David is our leader, lol. It’s insane, people need to start taking personal responsibility and realise that we’ve been told one big lie since the day we were born.

    Anyone reading this comment…love or hate David, the guy has been consistent and most of all he has balls of steel with incredible courage to do what he’s doing! He could of stayed as a BBC sports presenter and make a lot more money than what’s he currently doing, think about it…why would he want to go through the level of abuse, condemnation, ridicule and attack, both to him and his family if he was in it for the money?

  10. Gonzo video says:

    Shame they didnt bring up the Jimmy Saville evilness, because the BBC conspired for years hiding his secrets.

  11. Manny Decker says:

    David Icke the classic case of the Tailor who made the Emperors New Clothes

  12. I am with him on Iraq as it was indeed all based on a series of lies but the Royal family being shape shifting lizards…. Oh dear.

  13. Thank goodness David makes them look as stupid as they really are

  14. The two journalists are idiots or maybe they are just inherently stupid. This is why all this issued happened Iraq, 9/11, 🐉 royalty, the murder of Princess Diana; and, will destroy our world. Wipe your 😏 look off your faces and see truth right in front of your faces. You are just a bunch of moron and should take what Mr. Icke is saying seriously but you wouldn't because you have peabrains and can't comprehend what is going on as you smile like fools.

  15. joeharna says:

    Who is this fat ignorant condescending prick of an interviewer?

  16. Who is responsible for 9/11 David?? Well I am not allowed to say but the first letter begins with J.

  17. wink rogers says:

    Can anyone give me a link to any David Icke video were He doesn't regurgitate information from a book He once read and present it as His own truth ?

  18. pat pat says:

    david icke is brilliant bbc viewers are simply easily manipulated sheep

  19. BBC is the biggest joke on the planet, they are so far from "Freedom of Press" they continually regurgitate utter nonsense. They manipulate peoples opinion by making their guests look like "Oh he's insane", he's 100% correct. Bush and Blaire are responsible for the deaths of so many people that they should've been hanged just as Saddam was, but no they aren't held accountable I suppose because of "Intentions" what the hell is that supposed to mean?

    I'm allowed to murder people if my intentions were good? They should both be hanged and they aren't far from Hitler as far as I'm concerned. People need to be transparent and open, governments rarely take responsibility because it means giving something back or acknowledging a mistake which would undermine their power.

    Anyway, I think David Icke is amazing and he has the plums to say the truth and that too right on BBC News despite the fact that they make him look like a nutter.

  20. Sirius Magus says:

    A criminal conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to commit almost any unlawful or harmful (against someone)- then take some action toward its completion..I guess she still thinks nothing like the above happens in banks, governments , secret societies i.e. freemasons etc.  REALY?

  21. Rat Fink says:

    We ll find out how long they live ,Harry & wife

  22. MAS MAS says:

    David , a Dear among the Pigs .

  23. Andrew Neil is a freemason.

  24. he looks like a lizard…

  25. khavan25 says:

    absolute joke characters! they were clearly touched by ol jimmy saville

  26. d ellingson says:

    David's awesome. I'll i will say is go watch a video of tower 7 fall and explain that and check into insurance bought on the building's right before 9/11.

  27. Jon Francis says:

    David Icke legend. Mainstream media fuels the one agenda Mr Icke works to expose. Middle finger to the BBC News too for being misleading and weighted.

  28. Noah Lindsey says:

    David icke is a beast. I dont agree with everything but goddam he's always proven right

  29. mike tomlin says:

    Why is the BBC talking to this racist nut?