Day two of Capital Pointe appeal to begin with cross examination of engineer

Day two of the Capital Pointe appeal is set to get underway on Wednesday morning.

On the first day of the appeal, the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards Appeal Board heard testimony from an expert witness for Westgate Properties Ltd., who owns the development.

The witness, Kai-Sing Hui has been retained as the engineer of record for the project for the next six months.

Back in April, the city ordered the developer to fill the hole, after communication from the previous engineer of record indicated that the temporary shoring of the excavation was no longer safe, and the site should be decommissioned.

Hui testified that the site is currently safe, and that the shoring is sufficient to last until at least December 8.

When cross examined by Christine Clifford, a lawyer for the City of Regina, he also added that it is common for an engineering firm to suggest decommissioning a site when severing ties to a project, as they could still be held liable the event of an incident.

Clifford’s cross examination of Hui is expected to continue on Wednesday morning.

CTV’s Karyn Mulcahy is at the appeal.



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