Duck boat raised from Missouri lake days after deadly accident

Divers in Missouri lifted a sunken duck boat from the bottom of Table Rock Lake four days after it sank. The accident claimed the lives of 17 people, and now survivors are sharing their stories. CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca reports.

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10 Replies to “Duck boat raised from Missouri lake days after deadly accident”

  1. These duck boats are death traps. They had them on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR. I vacationed there every year during the 90s and refused to ride in one. 20 years ago one of them sank and drowned I think 12 people. A good friend lost his son and daughter on that one.

  2. The touring company has to have life vest for everyone on board, plus additional floatation devices. No one ever wants to wear them because they think they don’t look cool, or they are uncomfortable. If you are on the water, you need to wear your life vest, especially small children and those that can’t swim well. It is a very sad thing that happened, and I wish all those evolved the strength to get through this ordeal. Maybe the next time a person gets on a boat and thinks their life vest is uncomfortable or not cool to wear, they will remember this tragedy.

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