Fox News Snob To Obama: We’ve Never Demonized The Poor– ROLL THE TAPE!

“Daily Show host Jon Stewart caught Fox Business’ Stuart Varney in a lie on Wednesday, showing footage undermining Varney’s claim that neither he nor his network were out to insult the poor.

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“How f*cking removed from reality is Fox’s perception of their own coverage on poverty? The main defender of your network’s attitude towards those in poverty is the main offender,” Stewart said “He does segments that would make Ebenezer Scrooge go, ‘Hey, take it easy, these are people we’re talking about.’”

Stewart played a montage of footage dating back to 2011 in which Varney uses phrases like “handout nation” to describe the poor, or saying they lack a “richness of spirit.” Most damningly, Varney openly says in a June 2013 clip, “I am being mean to poor people.””

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Cenk Uygur (, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

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43 Replies to “Fox News Snob To Obama: We’ve Never Demonized The Poor– ROLL THE TAPE!”

  1. Look at how the poor get very little in this country and this why they are on the streets you dumbass. The wealthiest are still sucking them dry. Varney you had 2 women you cheated on your wife with for 16 years, not someone I'd take any credence in! The poor are poor because they have a conscience and can't steal from others like corporate does!

    Massive Nationwide strike after this tax/healthcare sh*t. You liars can get off you asses and labor for yourself.

  2. My parents had six kids and my dad worked two jobs always. My mum never owned an automatic washing machine as it was too expensive but we always had a tv.

  3. I remember years ago someone on food stamps being denied because they were trying to buy yogurt and were told it was a luxury item. Store brand yogurts are cheap but some assholes thought only middle class people should be allowed to eat them.

  4. I would love to watch Bernie sanders take this asshole down about 4 pegs! I'm not sure, but I would think subsidized housing that the working poor live in would provide fridges, air conditioners, etc. But they'd barely be functional and/or always needing repair. The only thing the rich are taking on the chin are a few less hits of cocaine as they rig the stock market in their favor! I shudder to think of them having to downgrade their yacht!

  5. Even though fox news is a joke, this guy is totally right. If you own a fridge, microwave, and TV, you ain't really poor. Go to third world countries someday to know what poverty really looks like.

  6. He's totally right, someone who makes 29 million dollars a year is suffering so much more than someone who makes maybe $10,000 a year. How are they supposed to buy a new island a month and breed ligers without that extra 10 mill?

  7. wondering what the plan would be tho. if they want to make the poor poorer because they think they can manage with less money, wont that affect sales of these things hes talking about and thus reduce the money going to his rich buddies?

  8. $39 million a year to $29 million a year? Man, my chin could take a lot of that kind of pounding! Hell, I'd be thrilled to take a bludgeoning of only ONE million dollars a year!

  9. "People are lacking the richness of spirit"😂😂😂 I guess corporations are writing these scripts for Fox News to regurgitate for laughs amongst themselves.


  11. wow that stuart varney guy is seriously pushing the limits of how despicable you can get lol. so having a refrigerator and microwave is luxury now is it

  12. Stuart Varney completely demonizes lower income families. So hot water, a television and a microwave is a "luxury" ?? Yes a microwave definitely screams decadence!! I am the oldest of four children, my mom was a single parent who WORKED, went to school and (drumroll) had food stamps to feed the family and Stewie says our financial situation is due to a "lack of spirit" ??? A single mom working and getting degree, with four children… has no spirit?!?? Sick

  13. The poor are worse than demons – At least demons have a clear, obvious goal, and work for it.

    The poor? The poor are lazy layabouts mooching off of society. They should be rounded up and hung, and have their worthless corpses burned to generate power. At least then they'd finally contribute something.

  14. Total idiot!! So when the poor are able to buy a refrigerator , it's a bad thing? This waste of human flesh makes it seem that having a refrigerator and a microwave a luxury? Why are Fox News people so fucken stupid??!!

  15. So what, he's demonizing the poor with facts? It's not hard to catch Fox news spewing bullshit. Why does TYT feel the need to call them out when they're speaking facts for once?

  16. How do you spew this crap with a str8t face? .. I always wondered why the TeaNutJob's were all 'offended' by the 'Lib' attacking the stinking rich…. guess  this British poof helped brainwash them?

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