Full Sen. Johnson Interview: 'Congress Is Really Diminished' | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) talks to Chuck Todd about President Trump’s proposal to declare a national emergency.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Sen. Johnson Interview: ‘Congress Is Really Diminished’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


49 Replies to “Full Sen. Johnson Interview: 'Congress Is Really Diminished' | Meet The Press | NBC News”

  1. Chuck Todd dont care about heroin deaths he don't care about unoccupied children he cares about getting democrat's elected he's a joke

  2. It's NOT a national emergency, Ron, no matter how many times you try to use refugees as scapegoats, when there is CLEARLY a TRAITOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE. And Trump's family members are TRAITORS, also, as well as MANY REPUBLICAN members of Congress and others in the current administration. Nice try. You stutter when you're lying. Also, you're lying when your lips are moving, Ron.

  3. Why didn't they give him the wall when they had all the power? Why do news anchor's not hold their feet to the fire on that question? Are your hands tied by the Corporatocracy and you aren't allowed to ask that question?

  4. Senator Johnson you are an embarrassment, you are the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee? Really scary since the president is requesting billions you have not spent to protect elections. Perhaps you should just step down and let people that are going to face real crisis like meddling in elections…sad.

  5. All Good Americans should be thanking and praising our POTUS whether you like or dislike the man he is going to secure our border AND hire more ICE & BP agents so we can round up the 15 million ILLEGAL ALIENS and send them back from whence they came, the ILLEGALS are scammers milking our welfare system that costs you and me Mr & Mrs hard working law abiding citizen , Billions of dollars a year. BUILD THE WALL & ADD LOTS MORE ICE & BP agents & new technology for our ports along with additional manpower there too.

  6. Perhaps he should be talking to the President instead of us. He is a Senator and could call the President. How much longer will the Republicans try to talk the talk, and not walk the walk. They will all have an opportunity to stand when the vote comes up to block this trumped-up national emergency. All else is just a whole lot of hot air.

  7. hey bub… your side lost…. to such a great extent that it overcame your gerrymandering and voter suppression… DEAL with it. the illegal alien nonsense is a manufactured crisis and everyone but the dumbest of the dumb trumpsters know it. illegal aliens are the foundation of our economic system…. get rid of them and our system will crumble. fruit and vegetable, slaughterhouses, building, sanitation would all go off the rails resulting in everything else going off the rails… come on people.

  8. Does anyone know what the Republicans were called before they titled themselves as the Republicans? Trying to find out the roots of these groups of people what they were once upon a time were as for historical information and group connections.

  9. Poor Rambling Ron Johnson is certainly in a dither. Perhaps he should get professional help before he goes before the cameras again and embarrasses himself again.

  10. "When we Republicans have all the power we don't care what Democrats think BUT now Democrats have some power, we'd like to cooperate" with our democratic friends.
    Today's fear-mongering, hate-mongering version of the GOP is predictable, putrid and pathetic.

  11. The GOP in Congress has sold they're souls to Trump for a piece of the pie or he has something on most of them because they have helped him find a way around the House majority to get his way… & he will win in the Supreme Court because it's a conservative majority since nobody blocked any of his picks for Supreme Court justices… nice move Congress!

  12. Congress passed the laws that allowed this simply because they are to lazy to do the job they were elected to do. Have to admit that they do a good job flapping their gums for the cameras thought.

  13. I wonder if Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has seen the young bodies of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, or any of the bodies of all the horrific mass shootings that followed Sand Hook and why he doesn't see gun violence as a humanitarian Nation Emergency ?

  14. The reality is that besides the west coast and northeast blue bubble , the rest of the country loves this president . Joe Biden in 2020? Good luck . USA USA USA

  15. Ronny and the boys don't like having a new Sheriff in town, well it's a short-lived relationship, the Dems are going to reduce the GOP down to a scrap in the next cycle.

  16. Whether the GOP realizes it or not. They don't see the southern border as a national security threat or an emergency. Otherwise, they would have done something a long time ago.

  17. This guy is a lying Trumoite. Trump excitedly supported Nancy Pelosi on camera until their boss called him and dressed him down for outing Pelosi. Because Americans are asleep, they didn't notice that the country was taken over in 2016. Yes it was very close for a long time, but 2016, they got it! The whole country. Trump is just an actor, playing President. He is far too crazy and stupid to have done even a small part of the things that have been done to destroy the country. It really is all known and very clear, but the propaganda makes it seem very unclear. If you want to know, start at the Transition Team, and go from there. The USA was taken over by a criminal cabal that is destroying the country. Not one thing has been done about Trump. He is not a President. He is an agent of the Plutocracy destroying the country. Trump has declared a fake national emergency, and nothing will be done about it. But it really says the country is unable to take care of itself and must be rescued by our hero, Trump. Trump has taken over the country, dictator for life, and no one will do anything about it.

  18. Trump’s executive overreach is the fault of the Democratic Party is an outrageous proposition. As a Wisconsin resident I am looking forward to the day we can retire the senator. The 2018 election revoked Trump’s campaign promise.

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