Geraldo confronted about Fox News coverage of Baltimore

Just before he goes live on Fox News Geraldo is confronted by a man in West Baltimore.



todays world news – Geraldo confronted about Fox News coverage of Baltimore #worldnews #breakingnews #music #headlinenews

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23 Replies to “Geraldo confronted about Fox News coverage of Baltimore”

  1. Most blacks are dumb, dishonest and prone to lawlessness. Nice trifecta. In spite of having been given handout after handout, they can't accomplish much of anything positive. All Africa has given the world is cheap, crappy labor and microbes so nasty it makes their AIDS virus look cute and cuddly. They remain the civilized world's scourge.

  2. This just shows complete stupidity for this man. Always making things about Racism, because Black People are the most Racist people in this Country right now. Always trying to intimidate and overwhelm with numbers. Just lazy hate filled idiots who just want to complain and blame White People for their problems. They run around and cause Riots, and then get pissed off at Geraldo of all people, just because he works at Fox News and actually is willing to point out that the Riots were just causing violence and destruction, while all the other News Outlets refused to talk about it. Just Dumb. We must resist this kind of crap and focus on actually bringing our Nation together, not tearing it apart. And it starts with Black People not claiming to always being Victims, take responsibility in your life.

  3. Cnn dont give a shit about you neather we ss people have to stop giving them our time goes for face book twitter news stop watching and we will hit them where it hurts in there pocket they all make money by all dumb ass who watch every day delete your face book acc now dont let them keep filling threre pocket on our time . Make them go to work just like you and me …..

  4. It’s ok!! It’s always gonna be the white mans fault for your ghetto shit ass city with no fucking father around. Typical black bullshit. Was born decades after segregation. No matter, same thing will be debated a century from now. What also is guaranteed, that blacks will find a way to riot and burn their shit hole zoo of a city and loot a shoe store in order to steel all the air Jordan’s theyz canz!! Ohh lawd!

  5. Notice how thug blames white people—and not Obama?   Where is all of this "hope and change."    Right now,  more businesses are coming back to America—under President Trump—-unemployment right now is lower than any time during Obama.   But little thug-e-wogi won't condemn a black man—-because he hates the white race.

  6. Blame the communist/ Jewish Controlled media for a lot of this anger.  You see,  race is always pointed out when it is a white person doing something to a black person,  but race is never mention if it is the other way around.

  7. Blacks are number ONE in Rape,  Robbery,  Murder and Interracial Hate Crimes.   There is not a white country in the world that blacks don't cry racism in,  and there is not a black country in the world that they want to live in.   Blacks will not  act like this in Arab Countries because the Arabs won't stand for it.  And about the KKK?   It is never mention that the reason whites hung blacks back then  was most likely that  this black person  just raped and murdered a white woman.   Time to boycott these racist sports like basketball and football where all the players are black.  We need some respect from these overprotected crybabies.

  8. This sell out Jew Geraldo deserve's a serious lecture like this. He is there for the Jewish Fox interest of disinformation. No one believes Fox new anymore, or any of the dinosaur media outlets…

  9. Geraldo isnt a and he tried to givebthe guy a voice but the idiot just babbled thats your idea of well spoken sounded like an idiot who just hates fox news were was cnn didnt ask that though you know geraldos far left fox does have democrats too dumbasses

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