Gorbachev: Treachery killed USSR – BBC News

Gorbachev: Treachery killed USSR - BBC News

Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev says the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 was “a crime and a coup”. In a rare interview marking 25 years since the demise of the Soviet Union, he told the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg he resigned to avoid a bloody civil war. But today the West was “provoking Russia” and trying to undermine President Vladimir Putin, he said.

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23 Comments to Gorbachev: Treachery killed USSR – BBC News

  1. No, communism and economic collapse brought down USSR

  2. Vigilante says:

    Bem-aventurados os pacificadores, porque serão chamados filhos de Deus – Mateus 5.9

  3. Great… the BBC has to paste ads right above the translation… BBC = low IQ

  4. DCFunBud says:

    Glasnost destroyed the USSR. Gorbachev thought he could maintain a communist dictatorship and allow freedom of expression. How naive! The Chinese learned from this. This is why they had the Tiananmen Square crack down.

  5. Nigel Chung says:

    impossible to chg police state into consumer state

  6. Tom Xavier says:

    Communism killed the USSR it is a corrupt philosophy, see what it is doing for China, where one of China's profitable exports was fresh human transplant organs from murdered dissidents. Shameful.

  7. Justin Case says:

    Gorby is nothing but an old-fashioned Communist who was run out of power in a popular uprising. Communism never works in the long run, but he still believes it can, if properly managed. He’s the model for the modern American left. They still have wet dreams of picking up the Communist baton he dropped and running it across the finish line to ultimate victory. He sat there in front of the journalist and said that he couldn’t allow a civil war to take place because so many would’ve died to preserve the Soviet Union… BULLSHIT! He would’ve called out the troops in a hillbilly’s heartbeat if he thought for one second that they’d follow his order. The TRUTH is that Communism in Russia, circa 1990/91 was the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. He had NO chance of putting the genie of freedom back in its bottle, but he’ll go to his grave believing that he got cheated out of the opportunity to do so.

    Just enjoy your golden years, Mr, Gorbachev, and stop whining about what could’ve been. Anything short of what you did by leaving office would’ve earned you a bullet from a firing squad, so STFU and quit wasting our time.

  8. People interested in the topic may also be interested in the coverage of the process of collapse covered by Soviet-American Review (https://www.academia.edu/32073126/Under_New_Management_a_Brief_History_of_Gorbachov_Rule)

  9. woooooah

    did somebody just say

    b i r f f m a r x i s m

  10. Treachery kills USSR ? What a holly shit, well I am really curious who are the main betrayer ?! Two-timer ?!

  11. Gorbachev is a good man from heart but too weak too rule over such a huge country…


  13. Best leader Russia ever had, pity Gorbachev never stayed on and reformed the Soviet union.
    Yeltsin destroyed the Soviet union too quickly and caused the upeaval in the 1990s that has resulted in how Russia became today.
    Gorbachev was a good man and a good World leader he wanted peace and Russia to be friends and co operate with the West.

  14. Hey idiots this Gorbachev is cloned the real Gorbachev died somewhere around the early 2000s

  15. Mike Chil says:

    ass.hoal of the century 😎😎😎😎garbichov.

  16. John Clark says:

    No Lenin and Stalin destroyed Russia with communistic ideologies. That's why Hitler attacked.A Soviet communist is the enemy and a threat to people who want peace. Communism is a cesspool.

  17. 4grammaton says:

    Gorbachev: "Treachery killed the USSR".
    geee, I wonder whose…?

  18. At last hitler's dream came true. The collapse of the red beasts

  19. Why were all party general secys walrus like in demeanour?

  20. USSA: the United States under Trump

  21. No, you killed the USSR. This is why you're a hero.