Hannity: Mueller probe suffers two major blows

It’s shaping up to be a very bad week for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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39 Replies to “Hannity: Mueller probe suffers two major blows”

  1. people that are thinking they are still in power need to be locked up to prevent further treason fill gitmo up and then as they are found guilty ,use a new rope for each one , best money spent???

  2. Traitor John Kerry should be put in jail. He's not the Secretary of State anymore, and he's meeting secretly just like the Clinton and Obama colluding with the Russians, Russians….

  3. Fox news, please address or otherwise ask these very important questions. Is Russia the ONLY country that has "attempted to interfere" in the United States election? Also, is there any evidence, whatsoever, that Russia (or any other country) has ever "interfered" in any OTHER country's elections, specifically to sway a vote to the preferred candidate's favor? If the answer to question 1 is no, and/or the answer to question 2 is yes, then that should be evidence AGAINST the Russian government "attempting to collude" with Trump, or his campaign, or "interfering" in our election, as an "unprecedented attack on American democracy"! This is, by far, NOT unprecedented (meaning never done before)! This IS a witch-hunt and I disagree that we are under some sort of "technological siege" from the Russian government. This is portrayed as an unprecedented attempt to sway an election, and cited by many left-wing propagandist communities as the reason Hillary Clinton was not elected. The coverage is so biased that it is sickening. The youth in our country are not blind. (I'm 27) With 80% of the media reporting, truly, "fake news" (for that is what it is when you report on non-stories and have to release multiple error corrections (NBC) haha, and when you downright lie or mislead mass swathes of public in your reporting), we know the truth lies in the evidence and there is NO evidence [or of which we have yet to see] supporting this theory! We see this, and while the left-wing media is obsessed with this non-story, the rest of the WORLD is wondering what THAT side of the news (left-wing anti-Trump, anti-Russian Jackass Democrat side of the news) is hiding. Unbelievable! There should be a law against slandering and intentionally smearing a sitting president's campaign, and entire presidency, over something very miniscule and fake, just like as is done in advertising when you can sue for false-advertisement. It is pathetic and we should make provably false and erroneous reporting ILLEGAL!! Like when your mother tells you to not say anything unless you know what you're talking about (this is the same point I'm making) This would be applied in situations like the Deflategate saga (when ESPN [?] falsely reported on the Patriots footballs being under-pressurized more than they actually were. They knew the truth was different but waited, I believe, 6 months to issue a correction, even when they knew the truth was different than of that which was reported). It's sickening!! As an American, I'm tired of being lied to by the anti-Trump and anti-Russian left-wing media. It isn't right (no pun intended), and most definitely should be illegal in more ways than one. Rant over…

  4. Sean stretching the truth. Over rating it. Hey Sean this is how it works. Go after the crooks surrounding the big fish. Then flip them for as much evidence as possible to insure indicting the big orange haired fish. Guess what? No deep state. Just the inevitable steps of justice. You can twist and scream and whine and make up crap all day and its still going to happen. Less than 12% buy any of your made up conspiracy theories. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. lol Hannity talks to his president daddy every night at bedtime then does his show the next day about how badly Trump is being treated and makes sure to say his daddy's favorite word witch hunt a few hundred times. this is getting so funny.

  6. NON JOURNALIST >>> Hannity
    If she had no problem with previous methods ( Interrogation tactics ) used by the Govt
    Then why did she now say She would NOT continue those same programs if asked by Trump?

  7. Mueller is coming watch out.. anybody who believe what this guy's talking should be upset with him he speaks no facts.. never heard so many lies this guy and the Trump Administration sad sad. God bless the American people

  8. WAKE UP AMERICANS! We either take these traitors down now by law, order and justice – with little or no blood shed – or we do it later in a fight to keep our Constitution and its second amendment and lots of bloodshed. I vote for using our Constitutional authority and demanding the arrest, detainment and prosecution to the fullest with the harshest sentence possible.

  9. Come on Seany boy, give us some of those talking points that you and Donny boy talked about. What was Donny crying to you about last night as he rested his head in your lap and you slowly ran your hand across his fake hair? Did he cry about getting less votes again? Did he cry about Obama being so loved again? What did he pressure you to talk about. Or did you tell him what he needs to do? Or do you both just pick straws to settle the days topics? I'm soooo excited to see, I can't wait! I love you and the national enquirer. Very similar.

  10. okay they got something that will expose them all and we the people want to see this information so we can see what's really going on Mr. Trump fire Session's

  11. So people resign in the FBI and that is a HUGE deal – but we cant stop the turnover in the WH and there is nothing to see there?Β  yep – no spin there!

  12. I am a Commercial Driver and I just can't stand listening to this Horse Manure any longer I have to say something. I am so fed up with is garbage: I am going to VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET. This should put an end to the nutty snowflakes. Who is with me?? Just Do It and put an end to this nuttiness. God Bless America, we Patriots must stick together.

  13. Hannity seems to be colouring up to Trump in an orange clockwork kinda way.
    I really tried to listen to but jeeezz, it's the same thing over and over again, just like your complaints about your opposition,
    Sad πŸ™‚

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