Hannity: Mueller’s witch hunt coming to an end?

Hannity covers breaking developments in the Russia investigation, the probe into the anti-Trump dossier and more.

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todays world news – Hannity: Mueller’s witch hunt coming to an end? #worldnews #breakingnews #music #headlinenews

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42 Replies to “Hannity: Mueller’s witch hunt coming to an end?”

  1. Hannity you are a disgrace .They are never going to find anything on Hilary she did nothing wrong leave the woman alone and stop calling cnn fake news they are the most trustworthy news in the world why do u even still have a job

  2. I was in the shower praying and while the shower run on my head and the whole body ,I was going and ask to show me the real and save came up and when I ask God to take away the mask guess who is hiding with pat man mask
    I want any one to tell me because is good to finish the lies ,Saints praying for everything ,pray for peace in the President mind you are save the crooked is wearing batman mask is fighting hard to cover up we are prayer Saints

  3. The worse is this guy, Rachel Maddow. Look at his 4 y/o argument, "why no president ever had…" and all his crap,
    Maddow, you are not Einstein !
    Followers of Maddow, how is it possible that you listen to this guy ?
    How really ?

  4. Your looking at it from the wrong angel obumer is a terrorist he's aiding and abetting the enemy and should be hung as a treasonous bastard a traitor

  5. I want to here people fight back again the reason we've been slaved all our lives,, FREE ENERGY TRUMP,, -RELEASE IT !!!
    Prove the WORLD your for the people !!!

  6. I want to here people fight back again the reason we've been slaved all our lives,, FREE ENERGY TRUMP,, -RELEASE IT !!!
    Prove the WORLD your for the people !!!

  7. I want to here people fight back again the reason we've been slaved all our lives,, FREE ENERGY TRUMP,, -RELEASE IT !!!
    Prove the WORLD your for the people !!!

  8. Obama let them have money trump is doing his job the job obama never did cnn stop your lies about trump and do your job think about all trump did for the good people that put him into the white house jobs and helping our kids stay safe think where you would be if hillary was in

  9. Mueller is still wasting taxpayer money on a phony investigation. Why won't Sessions call off this fake investigation and investigate Mueller for carrying out the Uranium Deal with Russia? Time to fire Sessions.

  10. ***************Why the hell can't youtube show the date posted to youtube and the date recording was recorded in the up next list so I don''t have to view old information.**????????????????

  11. It should be shut down now that nothing was found as evidence of collusion because it is just costing us tax payers millions to pay his team of lawyers whoa are supporters of Hillary.




    Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 CROOKED men in the SAME tub. FATHEAD/FAT-GUT Sean has 3 dogs in the fight:


    (2) ADULTUROUS Baby-making & abortion paying RNC OFFICIAL,


    Get this BUM off of TV.

  13. Theres no end to it. I want them, the American people want them. These crooks have hurt America, they have hurt the Presidents 1st Term in office. But BY-GOD there actions have guaranteed him a second Term. We need to make sure all the people from Obama and Clinton down stand military trial for their attempted COUP.

  14. Donald J. Trump What? he finally fill up his bank account with the tax payers money. Bought and paid for Justice for none and his fraudulent investigations that payed everyone for years now. His and this demon crap liberal garbage witch hunt has become nothing but criminal now, Traitors trying too under mine our country, they should be called out for who they are, Domestic enemies of all Americans and it's time OUR military and federal system, take their creeds and pledges, and put them to work for the people by the people again. Foreign or Domestic enemies, and the people know them by name now, Democrat liberal anti American, anti Christs, the king and queen of O-Abominations, Obama and Hitlery. We want Justice for ALL.

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