Hurricane Irma: storm makes landfall near Naples with life-threatening surges – Irma news

Irma so far and what’s next

#Hurricane Irma will bear down on Fort Myers, north of #Naples, within the hour as a category two storm, with sustained winds of 110mph. Storm surges have begun in and around Naples, with waters rising more than four feet in less than an hour and forecasts predicting as much as 10-15ft above ground level.

Hurricane #Irma made landfall at Cudjoe Key at 9.10am, with sustained winds of 130mph. #Massive #storm surges, estimated at 10ft or higher, inundated buildings, overwhelmed roads and cut off the Keys from mainland Florida.
Parts of downtown #Miami flooded with #rainwater and storm surges several feet deep, and tornadoes swept across swaths of south-eastern Florida. Winds toppled two construction cranes in downtown Miami, and all around south Florida brought down trees, live power lines, and street signs.
The storm then swept along the south-western coast line before making landfall again at Marco Island and Naples, at 3.35pm, as a category three sto

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