Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 11/11/1979)

The U.S. embassy in Tehran was stormed by students, protestors on November 4, 1979, trapping and holding dozens of people inside.



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34 Replies to “Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 11/11/1979)”

  1. That shit wouldn't happen today, not with Pres Trump, nor would it have under Pres Reagan…

    Why didn't the marines fire upon those assholes once they breached the wall/gates, or at least when they forced entry to the chancery! Demonstrate and protest until your blue in the face or loose your voice for all I care… But once you've crossed that line of "peaceful protest" to active aggression… Well, what happens to you is going to be because of you!

    Marines would never have fired on demonstrators outside the compound, only those who were attacking the embassy – at some point you stop being a demonstrator! Just saying…

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  5. „Every month is Muharram,everyday is Asy Syura,and every land is Qarbala“ (Ali Shariati) One of his famous quotes that was shouted around during the revolution

  6. America is the biggest terrorist. It created El-Kaida, Taliban, ISIS , PKK, YPG, FETO, Boko-HARAM etc.. . 9/11 was an inside CIA job ..Deep state killed its own people without mercy. America atom bomboed and killed millions of Japan. 2 millions in Iraq and countlesss in Syria. I cant list the all the human rights violations that America is committed. The biggest terrorist country is the USA ! Period!

  7. "There is no way to deal with that country in a rational way" how about you don't assassinate one of the greatest democracy if leaders in your secret fascist agenda, and we wouldn't take any hostages. America, promises you a candy with a poison filling. I love how the interviewed woman said she saw no guns but in the movie Argo (made by warner bros) shows the students taking hostages with pistols in hands. America you deserve Donald Trump, you had a chance with Bernie and you blew it.

  8. Why don't you make a documentary on how the U.K. And jimmy carter had a part in the shah being overthrown, or how Americans gave weapons to iraq during the Iraq and Iran war ? Or Why don't they make a documentary on when Americans bombed an iranian passengers killing 66 children and given the admiral a Medal of Honor for killing incident people.

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