Iraq: On the frontline with Islamic State – BBC News

Iraq: On the frontline with Islamic State - BBC News

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The Iraqi Army says it is now pushing back Islamic State fighters from around Baghdad, and the city will not fall. With no foreign troops in combat on the ground in Iraq, the army has the job of following up on coalition airstrikes to halt IS advances. A series of setbacks in the summer had raised questions about the army’s ability and morale to do this and take the fight to IS. Our World Affairs John Simpson, has been with the Iraqi Army to the frontline with Islamic State about twenty miles south west of Baghdad:

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22 Comments to Iraq: On the frontline with Islamic State – BBC News

  1. One thing in this context should be clearly understood British Govt is behind the creation of so called Islamic state.. Harshamoy mukherjee and

  2. Dan Man says:

    The Iraq Army just followed the fighters to consolidate the ground.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Our puppet government is doing well, only NK, Iran and China left

  4. Iraq ain't do shit they run everytime and just leave the Peshmerga.

  5. can nack says:

    first time ive seen a reporter not wearing “please shoot me im blue“ UN blue plate carrier and helmet

  6. alot of madness running in the middle East

  7. BBC supports terrorists just like all other UK tools

  8. Yeah right ,hahahahaa! And another lie from BBC…The Lions of The Islamic State never retreat NEVER!! Those are just a bunch of shiashitheads clowns…ask us of evil soldiers they will tell you about shia motherfuckers ,cowards like them..;-)! We are in Iraq Syria Yemen Somalia Mali Libya Tunisia Algeria Sinai..come and face The Hungry Lions if you dare COWARDS! Flying 1000000miles high and you want to win a WAR???hahaaaha NEVER you will taste victory COWARDS….so go on with ur stupid lies BBC!!

  9. إنها منطقه اليوسفية في بغداد عشيره كراغول انها مدمرة بالكامل

  10. Waranish says:

    the entire world are fighting these guys in Toyota pick up truck something is not adding up.

  11. Kameel Hatem says:

    I thought IRAQ was desert

  12. Mal Ik says:

    Hi guys I'm SSGT MICHAEL iraqi army 17th division I serve in this place We were lack for for supplie And when we get IED or attach from ISIS nobody came to help us Even the iraqi commander Seems a hero in this video He is a coward He oppend many hols to isis  to come here I never see with us in the battles

  13. Ayman A says:

    this madness will end when the u.s and it's allies stop helping what they rebels in Syria because they have a sanctuary in Syria to train and prepare then they attack iraqi regions

  14. Greg Kaye says:

    The shitting, non representational BBC still banner headlining the terrorists self presentation as "Islamic State".  The majority of the people they interview use ISIS, ISIL and Daesh and yet they defy representation of sources so as to use the politically loaded designation of a  questionably yet self proclaimed "Islamic" group that is fighting predominantly Islamic oppositions.  

    In the video presented here the BBC editorialises to add to subtitling with "blown up by retreating IS fighters" in a situation in which the interviewee was silent and when, in other situations, the Iraqis typically use "daesh", the equivalent of ISIS.  No interviewee should ever trust the shitting BBC.

    This is a group that which enacts such clearly un-Islamic practices as the killing of aid workers and whose actions do not represent any form of Jihad (a defensive doctrine related centrally to spirituality).  Despite all this the BBC has chosen to nonsensically adopt the groups chosen and very one sided use of terminology.  It beggars belief.    The BBC news should better follow the example of newspapers like the Independent who make continual reference to the recognized name as ISIS.  It would be better for them to be franchised out and put under a more efficient and representative management such as of Channel Four.

  15. Chris Kyle and his men would spray paint the "punisher" symbol on their stuff…. Some of these Iraqis do the same.

  16. galib kazi says:

    u comments just make me realise. the brain wash done for you all.
    u dont even have any idea of what u all r speaking about.

  17. galib kazi says:

    ma comment got deleted coz i speaked abt d new world revolution.
    lets see hw long this stays

  18. that's right Iraqi troops redeem yourselves. Some of you are cowards, some are heroes like you. Regain power and avenge those brave soldiers executed by these ISIS animals

  19. Angel Yotov says:

    Hah the new iraqi army is so fancy now 😀