Lindsey Graham on Florida recount, Mueller probe

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham weighs in on ‘Hannity.’

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20 Replies to “Lindsey Graham on Florida recount, Mueller probe”

  1. LINDSEY IS AN AZZ PIRATE PERVERT .. AS FOR ANY OTHER AZZ PIRATES OUT THERE, I WOULD LIKE TO FUG A CHICKEN BUTT, I DONT DO IT BECAUSE NOT ONLY IS IT UNNATURAL GODS GOING BURN YOU PERVERTS IN HELL YOU THINK THERE'S GOING TO BE PERVERTED AZZ PIRATES IN HEAVEN? YOU'RE ALL GONNA BURN BABY BURN!!! (FOX) you delete this post ill come at you with 20 different names and troll you to hell and back me and as many people as I can muster 100s watch me go you google azz post deleters

  2. Senator Graham should be our President. He's a smart guy. Maybe he could have slowed down Fox and their ignorance, especially Hannity who repeats himself over and over. That also includes Tucker, who pretends to be the smartest person on earth. Come on conservatives, I thought Limbaugh was as bad as it could get. I am an Independent who now supports Republicans because of what the Dems did to Kavanaugh. Get better.

  3. This "Russian Collusion" is a desperate attempt by Dems to DISTRACT; to take focus from the dirty deeds THEY THEMSELVES are/have been doing. That is why they desperately needed to win the House. The dems have fraudulently allowed illegals to vote in many states; dems have physically altered votes in our elections; the rest of the folks – our fellow Americans – who have voted for these evil ones are the ones to bear the vast majority of guilt in the corruption, lawlessness, and evil in our society. What we have are vulgarians feeding barbarians on a daily basis. GOP need to wake up and fight to take our America back from these shysters. Please do NOT do "Judges" like this Tim Kelly recently appointed by Trump who decided Acosta case.

  4. Hmm? What has come over Graham to make him walk away from the path of RINOs. HIs pissed-off constituents? 
    Hey! Graham was a good friend of John Sydney Traitor McCain willing joining in to obstruct president Trump's agenda. And, there are at least a Dozen RINOs in the Senate available to join in with Democrats to throw up more barricades. Republicans may have the majority in the Senate but they may not have the power.

  5. Senator Lindsey Graham has become a GIANT in the Senate. I am encouraged with his words and actions of late. Too bad his friend No Name never came around at the end of his life.

  6. IAM a 56 year old Legal American Citizen I would love to debate any of these hypocritical jerks living the dream at my and Others that pay Taxes expense The media and the lifers regardless of party are the Hypocrites.

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