Melania Trump’s jacket causes stir on social media

Melania Trump's jacket causes stir on social media

The first lady wore a jacket that read “I really don’t care. Do U?” on her visit to an immigrant children’s shelter near the border.



Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

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29 Comments to Melania Trump’s jacket causes stir on social media

  1. Malaria is full of shit when she says it's has to due with the media! She doesn't give a rats ass about anyone but herself!!!!!!! She has zero couth!!!!!

  2. Her accent is extremely strong. I'm sure they don't even talk at home. He just tells her how to lay down and spread em'. He don't even like foreigners…she was just something to fuck…until she got pregnant. Then she was something to emergency wife up…

  3. All of the people who have spoke out against the separation of migrant families I ask you now
    Where is your concern when DCF separates American children from their parents I hear no outcry for them
    It is your DUTY as Americans to demand that CONGRESS change the law requiring the separating of migrant families

  4. S S says:

    Fuck thatThat bitch She isn't even a us citizen she is Russia deport that bitch

  5. Melania is brilliant! She really hit them hard! And those that got hit, (LMAO) are getting fiery!
    I really can't wait for her next move… LOLs… maybe next time she'll make their mouth break up to their ears. How silly that is!

  6. Paul Whitmer says:

    You people think this is real? This is all theater–literally. Why would she wear that but to cause a stir. We don't elect anyone, you fools.
    Voting wouldn't be legal and encouraged if it worked.

  7. waone boyz says:

    Triggered demotard libertard and fake news…lol kept crying

  8. atinis says:

    Waaah! I really want that jacket coool !!!

  9. She's ass like her like that yukkie man she's married to 😂

  10. And, Mr. Session, I love how you say God approves, and the Bible backs up your President!!

  11. And, Mr. Session, I love how you say God approves, and the Bible backs up your President!!

  12. My Grandmother told me, " "Actions speak louder than words". In this case, it was actions, AND word's that shows how they really feel!!

  13. Andy Davis says:

    Trump is fixing the immigration mess. You break the law, you deal with the consequences.

  14. Leleth Kairu says:

    # I don't care! Trump2020

  15. April Graham says:

    Get these people (&I use that words loosely)OUT THE WHITE HOUSE😠😡😠😡

  16. None of these idiots can do a single thing right, they are obviously a bunch of ignorant morons.

  17. Anime Fan says:

    I'm a trump voter and I will agree it was a poorly choiced jacket to wear she knows English I think she should have known better than to wear that.

  18. Ef Olivares says:

    Not making America great again Melania 👎

  19. Ef Olivares says:

    Yes, pendeja, we do!

  20. "I really don't care, do you" is referring to her being treated worse than the undocumented immigrants. They met in a brothel and she hasn't been treated nothing more than the whore she is. So to answer her question, No! You two ass holes deserve each other.
    You can't perfume shit and expect it to turn into roses. Shit is shit. Trump's whore side kicks always get treated better than his wives. She should know! 😆

  21. Michael Lupo says:

    First Lady? More like Second Lady.

  22. Mister Jones says:

    Melania wears "I really don't care. Do U?" lingerie for Don on Saturday night………….

  23. Cages? Why not rooms? Children like animals???? Are we insane????????

  24. Now we know what she stands for.

  25. Jorge Lopez says:

    Im not an illegal and i dont want to act like i know what illegals go thru living in this country illegally…but i do feel like i can relate to every other american citizen….cuz like them sometimes in my past i may had to compete with illegals to get some jobs…..but from my experience when i do happen to get those jobs i quickly realize that those jobs are some of the worst unwanted jobs with a huge turnover rate and some of the most physical jobs you will ever do for the least amount of pay….and i normally quit those jobs after my first paycheck if not after my first day….and from my experience all american citizens do the same…they get the job and quit after a day or so….so its obvious to me from my experience that we really dont compete for the same jobs as illegals…..if anything maybe you should feel embarrassed if an illegal is choosen for a job over you, an american citizen who has all the benefits in this country to be successful in this country….also think about it….the companys that hire this people are your own fellow american buisnessman.

  26. Well lock up the parents with there child in the same cage problem solved or dont come to America illegally thats the issue deport the lil bastards back to there country with there parents