Michelle Obama Final Speech as First Lady | ABC News

Michelle Obama Final Speech as First Lady | ABC News

Michelle Obama Speech Starts: 16:57
First lady Michelle Obama will give her final remarks as first lady today at an event recognizing the 2017 School Counselor of the Year. School Counselor of the Year is an annual White House tradition started in 2015 by Obama as part of her Reach Higher initiative, according to the first lady’s office. For more: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/michelle-obama-make-final-remarks-lady/story?id=44584283

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But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. – 2 Corinthians 9:6

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47 Comments to Michelle Obama Final Speech as First Lady | ABC News

  1. Cap'n Krunch says:

    Michelle is a CUNT and her portrait looks like SHIT

  2. Now I see where my pension funds went, when Obama signed pensions away with the MPRA 2014, that and his Islamic Supremacist Movement.

  3. I really hope she gets away !

  4. Trump's wife doesn't have the fortitude of character to be up in front of a crowd and make such a poignant, uplifting speech

  5. SBn49 AJC says:

    Michelle Your Belle hasn't made her final speech yet. She is kowtowing to the Mister with his speeches as he travels the globe.

  6. A beautiful woman by far ❤️

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  8. Soubia says:

    I’m watching this to give me strength in 2018. It’s still making me emotional and I can’t believe she’s no longer our First Lady.

  9. Funny Farm says:

    It`s about time we gave them niggers a eviction notice..!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The awakening … check the comments on this video… https://youtu.be/W5lxzqIXV7w

  11. Cameron Wong says:

    love her outfit, earrings. she is such a natural good speaker!

  12. Steve Witte says:

    I'm going to miss Michelle's big muscular body and that bulge that gets untucked all the time

  13. All a u better kiss some black ass bcos ya know they're the real Jews led out of Egypt by Moses. It's all in the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian history man!! thanks

  14. I wish every woman on this planet realizes that there is nothing more attractive, sexy, beautiful gorgeous and inspiring than a hard working, intelligent, take no bullshit from anyone, positive attitude bearing, kind and generous woman! I can't think of a single other first lady who could speak like this. What an inspiration!

  15. Trump is giving me back the money Obama stole from me! Yes. Fuck you democrats.

  16. Acuna Matata says:

    yum yum Michelle. Obama is so lucky.

  17. black women are viewed as inferior and all the white people agree, not me, and not michelle obama!!"""

  18. Mark says:

    Best First Lady Man EVER

  19. Mark says:

    Racist Monkey Michelle Man Tranny Ape in Heels has a COCK

  20. Dick Normous says:


  21. mișele gerhau prety monster stupid mori odată potaio

  22. Did she tell all.the people about bill clinton & harvey weinstein? Her love & respect for these men i s actually understandable. I mean note who ahe made role model. One of the biggest pirn stars next to hiilleerys Madonna. Then her husband had BLM in WH. What low class people we have. HARVEY! HARVEY! SHE NEEDS TO EXPLAIN HERSELF AND OBAMA

  23. Luke Sky says:

    Go away dude. I Would call you a cunt, but America knows you are a tranny. Just go away dude.

  24. Thank God, I wish it was her final speech. She is a skanky deplorable!

  25. Dumb racist bitch. All this for a damn flag!! Back in your fucking cage

  26. Obama family is great!

  27. HE even has a Adams apple.  its funny how people don't see this because they are stunned by getting free stuff.  I like how easy it is to get away with things like they did. that's probably why we should have an easy time getting Hillary in the office or anyone else we can think of on the democrats side.  Heck we could even use the name republican and leak all of trumps info to cnn too.  pretend to join their side and sabatoge everything.   Kinda like we did when we paid Saudi to fly planes into the towers on 911.   we then blamed it all on bush but it was really us and the Clintons punishing America for not continuing to vote for democrats.

  28. Young God says:

    Hideous person inside and out. When she gets back to Hades, she will be force-fed her school lunches.
    "if we're always shining the spotlight on professional athletes, recording artists or Hollywood celebrities" – she says this after having visitors to the White House such as Kendrick Lamar – 'the Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe', Ludacris – 'Fatty Girl', and Jay Z – 'Pu$$y'

    Good riddance !

  29. charktales1 says:

    Bottom left was struggling to keep her shit together the whole time. So was I, I will miss seeing this woman!

  30. Reef sami says:

    I'm not American.. but she made proud of being a woman..
    If there is one Michelle Obama in every single country, the world definitely would be Better.

  31. Joe Jackoff says:

    That's a chipmonk with a big penis. At least Milania is a female, and gorgeous tooo…Michelle looks like a potato bag standing next to the beautiful Milania.

  32. Thank you. I really like her.

  33. 77777funguy says:

    Look a guy dressed up as a women

  34. When you need a little hope….

  35. She really is a man. Where is the dick Michelle?

  36. Violet Roy says:

    Last speech made for free. The Obamas are off now making $400K for spewing garbage to a rich audience. Liberals and hypocrisy: "We go hand in hand."

  37. playlist55 says:

    This was great speech. Not because she said anything. She never did. It was great because it was her last one!

  38. Eid Ali says:

    she was open person mrs obama and very nice slpeaker.
    i think melania trump will get good helper if she said help me

  39. Enter Auh says:

    Shes a he shes a dude a stone cold dude with a 10 inches prick on him

  40. Would never be another like her. God bless..

  41. I am inspired , thanks to Michele for the Service to Humanity

  42. Aaron H says:

    Wonderful, classy. Very Proud to be Represented by FLOTUS44. Thank you Obama's 💛💜💙💚💟

  43. Wall Net says:

    i dont care what shit people talk about her you just gotta admit shes the coolest first lady ever