Mona Lisa Answers Questions (CBS News)

Mona Lisa Answers Questions (CBS News)

“CBS News RAW”: The Alive Gallery in Seoul, South Korea unveils its collection of moving and talking paintings. The technology helps young children interact with and appreciate old artworks. (


And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it. – Genesis 9:7

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48 Comments to Mona Lisa Answers Questions (CBS News)

  1. Raechel914 says:

    holy fuck this is some harry potter shit

  2. I think,This is hd potrait

  3. Dylan Coates says:

    It's happened. Moving/Talking pictures like in Harry Potter. Next we will see them invent flying brooms.

  4. GamzeLima66 says:

    Just putting some Sims characters thats it

  5. didn't know Jesus was korean

  6. Last supper guests: "Should we like eat? Whats behind us?"
    Jesus: "You see this movement people, Thats fucking realism baby!"

  7. @robloxminigirl1 Then you need to get out more.

  8. This is Actually really Cool

  9. Bob Tom says:

    @Malfunction0982 oh nothing except for the fact that it holds secrets to one of this worlds greatest mysteries

  10. Hippi Prince says:



  12. MiyeokMan says:

    SEOUL SOUTH KOREA!!! Some of my relatives live there! 0.0

  13. alezandra97 says:

    thats why korean and chinese kids are so smart they dont have to read they just say what they saw 0.o

  14. ??? says:

    @StreetFighterSlap thats off Garrys mod lol

  15. d_a_n_y says:

    0:30….Sounds exactly like the voices you hear on a plane flight when they make announcements. All nasal and echoey xD

  16. JoshOSkate says:

    This is just stupid! Why would you replace true art with some animated picture made my some dumb ass…

  17. BeliefWalk says:

    so legit

  18. lily-liver says:

    they offended me by having given her such a stupid sounding voice

  19. is this animation? call me stupid just being sure

  20. Grape Powa says:

    @ulriccooldude what kind of jesus do you believe in then

  21. avenoires says:

    @ulriccooldude he can speak any language xD

  22. tara8686 says:

    that's a nice idea!!

  23. HALOULTIMA says:

    were is the screamer

  24. HALOULTIMA says:

    look its harry potter

  25. Elka921 says:

    thats cool !!!

  26. awww I want to go to a museum like that πŸ™

  27. vanessa l says:

    his perfect

  28. @Mslaydi I AGREE!! πŸ˜€

  29. Lapy45 says:

    πŸ™ spooooooookyyy πŸ™

  30. Mslaydi says:

    @ulriccooldude , wouldn't jesus be able to speak all languages?

  31. LOGIC42369 says:

    all the kids look exactly the same…

  32. TwoWorldsII says:

    i saw the exact same moving pictures in harry potter just they were like newspapers and portraits and stuff

  33. If the artists of these paintings ever saw this bullshit they would be SO disappointed.

  34. succ mi says:

    @ulriccooldude dude, hese jesus

  35. @ulriccooldude
    he was pretty good at solvin rubiks cube too man.

  36. korea gets all the cool stuff……

  37. who the hell developed this absolutely useless technology?!

  38. Lavina Marie says:

    I can't understand a word there saying !

  39. psychonaut25 says:

    Reminds me on Metal Gear Solid…I dont know why…