‘Naked News’ Picks Anchorwoman (CBS News)

Three contestants made it to the final audition to become an anchorwoman on “Naked News,” the program that claims to have nothing to hide. TheShowBuzz.com was there for the final announcement. (CBSNews.com)



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22 Replies to “‘Naked News’ Picks Anchorwoman (CBS News)”

  1. There is nothing wrong with nakedness. The News part of the job, however, can be a little scary. Beautiful women are great. Terrorist's suck. Smile, we're all naked in the beginning, and end. No harm done. A gun is much more destructive, than a human being's, natural state of being. World peace for the good of all of us.

  2. Wau, I thought that americans would only have fake news (Fox) and guns and killing-news;) Its still the only western world nation where killing makes people cum better than sex. Or at least it seems like that. You still cant show sexual intercourse on tv, but you can show how to slit a throught—"Walking Death"…hmmm…that's sick.

  3. Humans are truly sick bastards. There is more to life, than dicks,pussies and titties. You see totaly inmoral videos like this with 10million views and then videos that need to be seen with 200views. Thats why this planet is overrun with scumbags, cause people cant getting fucking out of their heads.

  4. 1:02 ….Definitely very Titillating, That's what I would Have said too, so hard to focus around sexy ladies? Your like come on brain …work, while bloods running the other way?

  5. Man, the Naked News watchers sure get butt hurt pretty easily. They're still whining about a comment I left over a year ago about their sexual problems.

  6. Then, you must be a real sicko,more than we think, because you have intimate relationships with all the people who watch Naked News, enough to know what they are like. What are you, a fucking sociological researcher or something? Let us all know when you have something to write that isn't a wild, venomous, unsubstantiated attack that connects two things that do not go together. We don't want to be shocked. Meantime, take your Resperidol and STFU.

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  8. Wow. I never thought they'd be able to create a news program that has less credibility than the ones we already have, but here it is.

  9. @StArBuRsTsUcKa Valentina did not win but she did actually end up becoming a full official anchor on the show 6 months later and the winner Holly Eglinton did not. Holly was only on the show for 1 week and was never seen again. Her name changed to Valentina Taylor and she was on the show from November 2007 to January 2010. Her highlights can be seen on my video….or you can just click on the DailyMotion link in the vid description for a better view of things.

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