New video sheds light on tragic incident at US-Mexico border

New video sheds light on tragic incident at US-Mexico border

Government surveillance video shows U.S. border officers appeared to encourage, or at least permit, Mexican teen to drink from a bottle containing liquid methamphetamine.


Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. – Deuteronomy 28:6

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30 Comments to New video sheds light on tragic incident at US-Mexico border

  1. these fuckers waited 30 minutes to call a paramedic. unfucking believable

  2. BloodSport says:

    Listen that young man CHOSE to break the law. Then CHOSE to lie to federal authorities about what was in the bottle and then he CHOSE to drink the contents in the bottles not once, not twice, but 4 times. He knew what was in the bottles and could have easily refused but he CHOSE NOT TO… These officers did nothing out of line. I would have said the same thing. If id thought something fishy abt the drinks I would have at first said … juice you say??? Hmmmm, ok take a swig or 2 and show me… They NEVER forced him into doing it….

  3. Family lawyer family scumbag more like.

  4. jay Smith says:

    The female agent is kinda hot.

  5. Neutral Zone says:

    You all dudes are not Mexicans, you don't know how some cbp officers treat us because of racism and hate, the USA is so corrupt, those cbp officers should be processed with homicide.. If the boy made a mistake he should pay the consequences yes! But to kill him right there at the airport? How unhuman, how rotten can you be to do that? That's just hate and racism, in what world we are leaving? So twisted

  6. T C says:

    They were wrong! Period…

  7. bla bla says:

    yup there guilty and should b convicted…

  8. So Glad smuggler died and not any of your sons and daughters !!

  9. BadMedWTF says:

    These burgers are drunk on power. Even the immigration officers at the airports are very rude

  10. Erik Markos says:

    Your crying after you told him to drink straight meth

  11. Mike Jones says:

    Better than getting killed by cartel

  12. idm4christ says:

    I feel bad for the kid but he knew it was drugs but that doesnt make the border agents right when they obviously asked him to do it. Funny thing is how the political system wants to keep hard working families from mexico out of america but megatons of drugs are allowed to slip passed the border every week.

  13. the women that now sits there crying needs to be killed worse than that skinned alive in the whole video of her she smiles there sits there lying they only show this devilish clip were she ofcourse thinks about her future now and the man giving him it the second time needs to be tortured no excuse

  14. Adrian Acura says:

    Dang. He still didn't deserve to die. People are mean. He's just a poor Mexican kid, a child doing this just to earn a couple hundred bucks. He probably didn't even know how dangerous this drug is. But yeah the officers here should be fired maybe even a manslaughter charge.

  15. $h!t
    Take the million and run

  16. Let those officers burn to death.

  17. They killed the boy, hope they burn in hell

  18. rob says:

    his own fold

  19. Scandalous mothafuckas.. Could've easily jus caught and charged him.. Instead they thought it was funny 2 watch him kill himself

  20. Earthsgard81 says:

    You knew what the fuck is in them bottles he s only a kid and its both your fault ….. for allowingvand asking him to do what he did …. every other time you swab it …. why go against protocols ….the 1 time you did a person dies …. crocodile tears…. evil and sick you s full well knew what was in them bottles …. idiots

  21. Jon Gringo says:

    Points to be made:
    1.Don't bring drugs into country.
    2. Don't sip said drugs (dumbass)
    3. Those drugs couldve killed multiple people or even ruined more lives than just him.

    These libtards in our media I swear. That kid knew what he was doing.

  22. Mik D says:

    Another smuggler down!

  23. LIL CCULØ says:

    Miguel y miguel !

  24. Shock & Awe says:

    Well guess he shouldn’t have brought THAT POISON TO our COUNTRY….

  25. They endangered the life of a minor Actually they aided the death of a minor. If his race was different the would have been charged with Reckless Endangerment Charges.

  26. guys be nice!! there are gonna be hundreds of druggies that won't get their fix now 🙁

  27. so this is what it looks like when the trash takes itself out? glad they won't be using my tax payer dollars to give him a trial, multiple hots and a cot, then a ticket back home months later.

  28. King Khaled says:

    They all son of bitch agent border police all those bastard must b killed