One Killed, Six Wounded In Nashville Church Shooting | NBC Nightly News

One Killed, Six Wounded In Nashville Church Shooting | NBC Nightly News

The Sunday morning service had just ended at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville when a man wearing a ski mask drove into the parking lot and jumped out with the engine still running.
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One Killed, Six Wounded In Nashville Church Shooting | NBC Nightly News


Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you. – Luke 6:38

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38 Comments to One Killed, Six Wounded In Nashville Church Shooting | NBC Nightly News

  1. Don mcfadden says:

    hope they hang the ape

  2. MrMrDGK says:

    Why is this politicized he was a member of the church at one time there could be bad blood or mental illness peoples reasons for committing theses acts often have nothing to do with politics look at almost every mass shooting in the United States politics isn't the issue here

  3. So a black man who is a Muslim from sedan shoots up a white church in retaliation for Dillian roofs mass shooting but he is stopped by a man with a concealed carry permit. If the media wasn't making up the narrative of gun control and that only whites commit hate crimes they would run this story but instead YouTube deletes videos covering it

  4. 777Michele says:

    I know of a couple of churches who have certain members in their congregation who have guns on them, and they are seated in strategic places in the congregation at every service. These are just the times we live in. All churches need to take the same security measures.

  5. Pat Kittle says:

    The White-hating (((media))) of course never mentioned the word "Black" or "immigrant."

    When a White shot up a Black church, the (((media))) couldn't stop repeating the words "White," "neo-Nazi," "racist," & "antisemitic" — which led directly to countless statues of Whites being torn down & vandalized, & BLM crap ad nauseum.

  6. dempoy says:

    The mainstream media stopped all reporting after one day because:
    1. A Christian church was attacked
    2. Black man attacks whites
    3. Legal gun was used to stop attack
    4. initial investigation suggests possible middle eastern tie or radicalization
    5. He is Sudanese immigrant ''Dreamer'' doesn't look good for DACA.
    probably more to come. Go against Dems narrative in every way.

  7. This news not show up on media here ?. I read it from newspapers my country.

  8. Ixnuraq says:

    The shooter was a racist Black Muslim.

  9. TheDark Nite says:

    Good! They shoot at mosques, Sikh temples, black churches. Now white Christians shot up as well. Justice!

  10. Nice Day says:

    The shooter was radicalized by Trump right after he condemned black football players.

  11. I am sure Russia made him do it, couldn't be he is an ISLAMIC BLACK RACIST MURDERER? Just check his facebook page; a member of BLM, supports Islam, and an immigrant from Sudan, which is 97% Islamic!

  12. skeatel says:

    Was this more black on white crime?

  13. This is a nightmare for the leftists and their bogus identity politics . This will require many hours of focus groups by the progressive left to change the narrative of a black hate crime, to a simple moment of insanity by a oppressed protected class member within the collective.

  14. hasoevo says:

    No Burger King "Privilege"?
    Props to the usher.

  15. STEEL ROCKS says:

    So the fbi will investigate this christian church to see if it was a justifiable mass shooting by a immigrant.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Engle did a great thing, but… In general, if you're licensed to carry a pistol IT'S WORTHLESS IN YOUR CAR!

  17. actually the guy they suspect is really a good guy please share and free this innocent black man

  18. When a black man kills, no demonstration?! White Lives Don't Matter?! Why are they attacking the Christians!? A muslim terrorist?! A black racists?

  19. GADCL4 says:

    I wonder why God didn't stop this black killer from murdering his people in his house of worship? Would have thought that'd be something that an all-powerful being might do. You know… if he actually existed.

  20. This was a Sudan "dreamer" age immigrant. It was a hate crime, if you consider the social media this shitbag was brainwashed with!!! NBC is complicit if they do not point out the fact that this man was brainwashed by SOCIALIST MEDIA PROPAGANDA!!!

  21. aliza says:

    what was jesus doing when shooting happen

  22. Kaliss says:

    Only difference between Christians and Muslims is people shoot Christians, Muslims shoot people.

  23. phat Hi says:

    If this was a white guy shooting blacks all you would hear is racially motivated hate crime, black guy shoots a bunch of white people and nobody in the news can figure out why this happened and will wait until after a lengthy investigation to release the information as to why this happened. They just can't put their finger on how anything like this could happen sense black people only make up 13% of the population and commit 55% of all crime.

  24. don't be hypocritical wrong is wrong no matter what the case may be that was someone's love one's

  25. so is he going to get the same treatment the white boy got for shooting up that black church?

  26. Rick Sanchez says:

    Hmmm… where was your God? You'd think church would be the safest place to be if God were real

  27. And people still believe in god lmfao

  28. J. Sherlock says:

    NBC and the whole mainstream media are lying. Nobody was shot. It's a total fake to blame race and stoke racial tensions.

  29. Max says:

    These are the beginning of the race Wars in America. Please, prepare!

  30. Jay Forbes says:

    God says…. My people parish for lack of knowledge… Sad…. The church is next!!!

  31. Robert You are a Hero and saved many lives! Well done!

  32. Jack Nemo says:

    ANTIFA perpetrated.

  33. Jax Turner says:

    Why didn't the good guy in the church have a gun on him??
    Oh right, gotta have some soft targets for these nutjobs, not enough schools to keep em busy.

  34. molon labe says:

    no BLM riots, NO Antifa, No libbys screaming "racists"…..oh the hypocrisy!….