Robin Williams’ Widow Discusses Husband’s Tragic Death

Susan Williams gives her first interview since the famed comedian’s death in August 2014.



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24 Replies to “Robin Williams’ Widow Discusses Husband’s Tragic Death”

  1. She’s a detached, sociopathic, lying gold-digger, straight-up. Jah can see through her & her lies. Babylon pervades…seek shelter in the mountains & oceans!

  2. Susan Williams's video about robins suicide , and her."tears" and sobs were noooo fake!!!!. she contorted her face and made it sound like she was. crying but no tears at all!! she's a phony. and she goes from trying to cry to regaining her composure immediately. I've got bad vibes from her.

  3. I suffer the same way as Robin did. It’s very hard dealing with the depression day after day. People treat you as if you’re stupid. I was always a big fan of Robin Williams, and something depressed people do is they try to make others laugh because we feel we can never be happy. I use to use Robin’s jokes as my own all the time to make people laugh. After Robin Williams died, he came to me in a dream and gave me a hug. Thank you Robin Williams for taking time out of Heaven to show your concern. Robin Williams will always be my inspiration. RIP Robin Williams and hope to see you again some day.

  4. No tears. No eye redness. No sniffling or runny nose. Goes back and forth from normal voice to grieving voice. Slept in separate beds. Come on! She is being totally fake.

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