Russia describes ‘invincible missile’ – BBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed a new generation of nuclear weapons.

It includes a missile that, he says, is invincible in the face of any air or missile defence system, present or future.

Mr Putin’s presentation used a video appearing to show missiles falling on Florida.

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30 Replies to “Russia describes ‘invincible missile’ – BBC News”

  1. BBC is becoming a hack of a news channel nobody can even comment on most of their terribly biased and misinformed stories. No comment from BBC who started this new arms race?

  2. How sad to see a short little man with a Napoleon complex trying to make his childless nation appear tougher than it really is. The good news is that both Russia and China will be the world's largest nursing homes soon.

  3. Wow, bbc news propaganda cut his whole speech, Russia was forced to develop these weapons after the US pulled out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty in 2002 which meant America and NATO could expand east on Russia’s doorstep and install defence shields and missiles pointed at Russia from all angles. Basically it meant Russia was vulnerable so putin developed these weapons which are able to bypass the defence shields which on the border with russia and NATO countries, NO ONE SEEMS TO BE TALKING ABOUT THE US PULLING OUT OF THE ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE TREATY = US is the aggressor

  4. Россия вам не Ирак , миллионы трупов англичан обеспечено будет , европейцев история ничему не учит, Россия всегда отбивала врагов и приходила в страну агрессора , Англия – странна агрессор да у вас руки по шею в крови Ирака, Ливии, Сирии , мне вот Тереза Мэй ваша не нравится , может запустить против вас пару ядерных ракет, а что ваши же способы устранять лидеров.что то никто не вякает из вашего правительства что в саудовской Аравии женщин убивают, где ваши хваленые права человека?

  5. Nuclear engine, kids! It is not a joke! It is what we Russians with our weak economy are capable of doing. Emagine what we can do when we become stronger financially.

  6. Typical limey shits…why say Putin's missiles….as if he owns them and makes them in his backyard…. they r Russian missiles developed by Russia. This is the sort of wordplay that these western snakes use to portray other leaders as villains as if they r making weapons for personal use.

  7. People in the UK are more angry about biological nerve agents been released again on UK soil. Should UK start deploying its BIO weapons on unfriendly countries? Hope Russia has nothing to do with the latest attacks in UK on an ex spy from Russia. UK won't put up with crap like this any longer.

  8. FLORIDA?! Show the WHOLE video from the beggining, where Sarmat is starting – even the PLANET is not EARTH! another US PROPAGANDA! Aren't u tied of YOURSELF, LIERS?!!!

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