Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Full Interview) | NBC News

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sat down with NBC News’ Keir Simmons to discuss the relationship between President Putin and President Trump.
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Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Full Interview) | NBC News



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32 Replies to “Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Full Interview) | NBC News”

  1. oooo Russian guy makes a joke, woooow. From now on we love Russia and hate our own people that hate different thing than we do. Move to Russia than but do yourself a favor and do not give up your American or British yet

  2. "Russian economy" is it a new joke of the day? Ha, ha, ha. what are you all comedians over there? Tell me anything good that Russia did during Putin's administration????? But remember that it is you will retire at 65, not me , ha, ha, ha.

  3. Srgey Larvov, how do you feel about a "american happy indian giver" TGB the way i mean it
    on the "influence front" with "words" stuff, and "intellegence stradegy" who laughs alot TGB

  4. 21:20 question: Listen to Lavrovs answer. Imagine a whole country of people with that mindset. Thats why the US fears and demonizes Russia. Theyre not a County of Sheeple like we have here in the US.

  5. Lavrov seems bored by the triviality of the questions. He is a chessplayer but not a gesticulating sensationalist. American political soap operas are not his business.

  6. Lavrov: "Our political and human culture does not provide for somebody else's family matters to be discussed in public."

    Reporter: "But –"

  7. It is so unfair that Lavrov has to express himself in English which he clearly struggles with and is not very confident and capable in. As a non English speaker when I first arrived in England I went through so much abuse by my English interlocutors that I finally decided to improve my English way above the level of my opponents. Lavrov is very slow in his responses, he is thinking extremely hard when he talks English which slows him down considerably. He is very gentle and allowes himself to be sidelined, interrupted and repeatedly & deliberately caught out by the tactics of the English speaking interviewers. Keir Simmons of NBC news was respectful and allowed him to talk without interruptions and that is remarkable when you hear ENGLISH reporters talking to Lavrov. So what is the moral of my story? It is ENGLAND & the ENGLISH who created the cold war and led USA into total animosity towards Soviet Union and now Russia. I'm 200% certain that had it not been for the BRITISH, there would not have been so many wars, so much destruction and certainly no WW2, and all the subsequent wars in which USA has targeted Soviet Union, Russia and her allies.

  8. From Iran: To all country
    Iranian Islamic evil regime is bad for the hole world, it is a cancer cell and if not stopped the world would be come worse and worse place to live in
    Pleas Do not buy Oil from Iran, All the oil money is used to support terrorists.

  9. one of the problem humanity faces is , how to tell a stupid person that he is stupid ,there is no way of telling stupid person he or she is stupid, listen to his question , you look happy and and you look sad in picture us bases there foreign policy on body language , pictures speculation ,guesses

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