Students react to school officer who did ‘nothing’ during Florida school shooting

Students react to school officer who did 'nothing' during Florida school shooting

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Scot Peterson failed to enter the school to confront the gunman during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.


Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you. – Luke 6:38

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50 Comments to Students react to school officer who did ‘nothing’ during Florida school shooting

  1. He knew he didn't stand a chance with a tiny pistol against a well armed assassin who wanted to die, he made a choice to be alive and not a hero in a casket.

  2. SammyBoyATP says:

    Hire a Vet!! We will Protect!!! Fuck the Police!!!

  3. Spd Gaming says:

    This damn idiot new his life was on the line when he signed up for police school. He was a coward and saved his sorry life instead of helping those kids. I hate that the kids being used by CNN say they dont agree with this, but maybe if he did his job those kids would be alive todqy.

  4. Donald Trump is a idiot. Teachers are not going to kill anyone.

  5. Klaa2 says:

    FL, of course.
    Putting a cop in every school is the end of the USA.

  6. Mike Spain says:

    One big fat failure by law enforcement all the way from top to bottom. Remember this incident next time you are in trouble and need the cops. When you are staring at the end of a gun barrel, the cops aren’t there. It is YOUR responsibility to defend your own life. Make the right choice, or rely on the cops. They will show up later to do the paperwork.

  7. dandygirl6 says:

    how do they actually intend on preventing the mentally ill from buying a gun when the health services to diagnose such illnesses don't exist. Also, you can buy a gun but not drink? Hilarious that the minimum age to purchase firearms is only now 21 holy shit!

  8. Discover Castle Rock vs Gonzales SCOTUS ruling. HE DID NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Y es, " To protect and serve " has been turned into " To harass and annoy "…

  9. Well he loves one person… himself.

  10. J says:

    FBI and NSA keeps missing red flags…..time to dismantle their surveillance and privacy invasions on us..they are just using it to spy on US….not the bad guys

  11. a few years ago the Connecticut cops never went into that doctors house while those two criminals were raping and murdering his two daughters and wife. I believe they were enjoying coffee and donuts across the street

  12. he had his thumb in his mouth not on his gun

  13. They hire lil boys dressed as men with badges… the pysc testing actually is at fault, they hire compliant indiciduals that can't think for themselves…

  14. YOUTOOOB1 says:

    lol this guy says almost as much retarded shit as dubya. "The security guard doesn't love the children." Is that why you left the children with security guards, orange fuhrer, because you knew they wouldn't love them? And how the hell do you know people won't love children based on their profession? lol Like there's a child hatred pact you have to take with a bloody handshake if you become a security guard or police officer or whatever other profession isn't allowed to love children. my god, what an idiot

  15. Wodinn says:

    'kill the killer' who wrongs don't make a fucking right. you nazi 'right wing' fucks.

  16. The multiple reports about this punk should have been taken seriously and addressed by staff. The images on social media should have brought lawn enforcement attention into play. The deputy on scene should have at least tried to get a shot at the shooter. I understand his hesitation while so many like Trump, who is a total chickenshit who'd have hidden while pissing himself,  sit back and claim they would have just gone in and killed that bastard have never been in that situation have no right condemn him. It was his duty to at least attempt to stop that shit but unless you have been in a fire fight you cannot judge him. Those of you who have been in such situations know what I am talking about.

  17. Rya Jen says:

    He should have gone in and saved those kids. What an awful end to a career.

  18. Cashole says:

    I’m a teacher and firmly believe I should have access to a firearm. If a situation similar to this was to take place in my school.

  19. Emc Mario says:

    Yo I would’ve went inside that school and put a bullet in that shooter, even if I was Scared. Anyone could do this

  20. It is ordinary. American ordinary. Welcome to it.

  21. Boyd says:

    Scott Peterson did a Trump. Declare himself a stud and said he did a great job. Reality not important.

  22. Raydnt says:

    I came here from a video of a convenience store clerk stopping a robber, turns out the clerk was a war veteran.
    Crazy how we have cowards as cops and war veterans as convenience store clerks.

  23. Apexx TheKid says:

    No. You DO NOT GIVE TEACHERS GUNS! Do you remember how angry your teachers (most of them) were without a firearm under the desk. If thats the case My computer teacher would've sprayed our entire classroom as bad as we trolled her as kids. Cmon now. Answer to that is Fuck no

  24. Nate Ermine says:

    Cops are cowards when confronted by ppl with a gun.

  25. Trump says the officer did a poor job but so is he as a president because he doesn't do shit about it

  26. Just put guns in a few rooms inside a small safe just like they do with commercial airline cockpits. If the teachers hear the crack of gunfire they pull the guns out and fight back, not a difficult problem.

  27. nemo227 says:

    Many people and several agencies were not effective in this case. The records of shootings have shown that a prompt & early response results in fewer deaths and injuries.

  28. Code3Forever says:

    This, by any law enforcement training standard and expectations from law enforcement agencies, is cowardice. When he took his oath, it meant enforcing the laws and protecting the public. If anyone who is a peace officer thinks the job does not have any risks, they need to get out and go hide in a closet. I have been scared many times in 31 years but you never display that fear. When other lives depend on your actions, you have a moral duty, much-less a legal one, to try and end the threat or carnage. That deputy Peterson is a disgrace to his department and to law enforcement throughout the United States. Could he have saved all of the kids killed? Who knows? But he was the first one there who could have tried. That is why we were all trained to shoot and shoot well… Every month on the range to maintain proficiency and to hit the intended target. He didn't even go in to try. I don't know how he could live with himself knowing what he did or didn't do. Wait a minute, he is a coward so he will be able to live with himself quite well…. This was one who slipped through the cracks…

  29. Jacob w says:

    What most antigunners do not know, is that antigun laws, that disarm the citizens (and not the cops), only harms THEM! Cops have no… ZERO….. NADA, obligation to protect anyone from criminals according to the US Supreme court ruling in 2005. Liberals are placing false hope of a "solution" on gun control of law abiding citizens, that legally CAN NEVER HAPPEN!

  30. He's a Coward who gets to collect over $8,000 a month for doing nothing his whole life.

  31. SweetandSour says:

    Scot Peterson the worlds biggest vagina.

  32. R Poling720 says:

    Fucking coward.

  33. matt jones says:

    All police are a bunch of punkbitche cowards.

  34. Enduro Ness says:

    Trumo said it right. Coward.

  35. Enduro Ness says:

    Big stupid fat lug. And of course his name is scott peterson the pussy fucking nerd

  36. jkbrkly says:

    so besides being a coward he did a good job?

  37. Ken Kaneki says:

    Idc what say about him all he could’ve done was make things worst because a fucking handgun will never beat an ar15 it’s doesn’t take a genius to know that 😂

  38. Mass murders like this bitch should killed by the town like the old days. Let the families agree on what should be done.

  39. R Jr says:

    What a coward. Funny though how trump talks about the cop being a coward for not going into action…cough cough

  40. Scot Peterson has been leeching off tax dollars for decades, and now gets a $100k pension for doing even less than before.

  41. I imagine the kids in the school were screaming for their lives for the police who were standing around to save them, and the cops looked at each other and probably said "not on my life!" I bet the kids were screaming like little babies for help and the big brave cops stood by quietly until the massacre was over. If I was a parent at that school, I would get the best lawyer I could find and sue the Broward police until they are all fired!

  42. Dan The Man says:

    Peterson saves his ass he was out gunned he lived to fight another day think about the American senior officers in the past that have gave up American forces in the 20,000 soldiers at a time in the past wars

  43. Chelle K says:

    Trump, you're an idiot in every regard and on every level.

  44. Hello says:

    Instead of changing the gun laws, you can just take away the guns from a known psychopath.

  45. Citizen S says:

    This man is a damn coward, he could have done many things as a form of distraction without risking his life, however he did nothing, i pulled a kid out of a river once many years ago, it wasn't deep, just below my armpits, nor fast flowing just damned cold it being the middle of winter, i was in absolutely no danger to myself, my point is you do these things because they have to be done, regardless, you don't hide quivering like a baby, this man was paid to do this job, in the event of an emergency he was expected to act in the correct manner and he didn't, lives were lost because he lost his bottle of that i'm sure.

  46. No victims no casualties faked event false flag. Why do anything at all except continue acting?

  47. That whole dept. should be investigated, fired and lose all benefits…period!

  48. riley long says:

    As usual the authorities are going about it as backwards. Background checks aren't going to stop a fucking thing. Did the war on drugs stop people from getting drugs? No. It doesnt matter how many fucking background checks you put in place if a person wants a gun their going to get one. A handful of terrorists get an airplane and knock a couple of buildings over one time and now you can't walk into an airport with with a bottle of mouthwash. How many more children are going to die before these piece of shit lawmakers pull their heads out of their asses?

  49. lol at these comments. So many conservatives who think more guns will somehow fix gun deaths. Maybe there will be fewer successful mass shootings, but there WILL BE many more shootings and gun deaths in general. Many. More. It's simple statistics and law of accessibility, and ignoring that is faulty reasoning.

  50. Never trust a Scott… never trust a Peterson. That's what I always say… all the time… yep totally.