Syria conflict: Israel blamed for attack on airfield – BBC News

The Syrian government and its ally Russia have blamed Israel for a deadly attack on a Syrian military airport.
Monday’s attack hit the Tiyas airbase, known as T4, near the city of Homs. Observers say 14 people were killed.
Israel, which has previously hit Syrian targets, has not commented. Syria initially blamed the US for the strike.
The incident comes amid international alarm over an alleged chemical attack on a Syrian rebel-held town. The US and France had threatened to respond.

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37 Replies to “Syria conflict: Israel blamed for attack on airfield – BBC News”

  1. the leaders of these countries are adults but they are acting like children irresponsible violent children peace and compassion is for all life and eases suffering and aggression to me that is the answer that solves the problem of hatred and violence

  2. It does make you wonder how the hell did they manage to pull off the scam of 'Palestine flag' etc being a "symbol of The Left", of liberal values?!?!?!???? Has anyone even heard of the extreme conditions of child slave labor among Palestinian Arab self-governance, or their treatment of women, or their views on leaving Islam (death), or of the LGBT people, or their politicians' mini palaces bought off the kindness of the EU & various charities, or of their charming acceptance of raging violence if labelled 'resistance' in Arabic, or how their last "election" is probably now in the kids modern history book, or what would happen to a Jew walking their streets?

    There are nice, open-minded Palestinian Arabs I've met from the territories, they're not all bad but their society is F*…. I mean holy shit how how How have people in the West managed see this as a Leftist liberal cause? Its so insane it makes your head spin!

  3. Stay in your own country ISRAEL. You had no right to shoot down a plane on SYRIAN soil. you JEWS never learn. For God same build YOU'RE CIVILIZATION on YOU'RE OWN and he AND mind your own God Dam business

  4. After GWB declared "victory in Iraq he said referring to Syria i believe they have WMD then added yes this gives me the right to attack them, is this not clear enough, what state the world is now days?

  5. we all need to just calm down and stop blaming each other. cant we all just get along in peace ? love is the only way in this world. we must love one another and desire peace ! so just calm down, deep breathe , and relax, dont fight, dont argue ..only peace can heal us.

  6. The Southern region of Syria which shares a border to Israel is in the hands of the Sunni Islamist rebels but yet Israel does not feel threatened by them, they feel more threatened by the Secular president Assad. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  7. it has the image of a sarcophagus very similar to G roome lake nevada….could it be a war against the giants and the principalities in realms and diamentions we have been blinded to overlook?

  8. LOL .. Israel panics after they farting the big bear Great RUSSIA, the big bear just smiling and cough, and few days the Israel will write off from world map ! Look at Netanyahu face on his speaking, he very worry after the bear knowing Israel farting them!

  9. If there would be a world war 3 I would support the Russians….and am British because I don’t think it’s right to bomb Syria and I don’t think it’s right that trump is naive and the way he mocks foreign people and leaders

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