Suntech Greenhouses says no to turning over greenhouse to cannabis growers

Suntech Greenhouses says no to turning over greenhouse to cannabis growers

Joanne Schnurr, CTV Ottawa Published Friday, December 7, 2018 5:37PM EST Last Updated Friday, December 7, 2018 6:54PM EST Cannabis producers in Ontario are looking to gobble up greenhouse space including one here in Ottawa. But the owner of Suntech Greenhouses has so far said no thanks. Suntech Greenhouses has a massive operation growing tomatoes and other vegetables in Manotick on Doyle Road.  There’s a sweet smell in the air in the greenhouse in Manotick, but it isn’t the smell of cannabis. Thousands of plump, juicy tomatoes sit on vinesRead More

Councillor suggests cutting cannabis costs


A councillor believes the City of Edmonton is spending too much money on cannabis-related costs. Council has $7 billion to spend in the operating and capital budgets combined, but there is not enough money for every project—like the Lewis Farms Rec Centre. To pay for that, councillors will either have to borrow money or cut costs elsewhere. Ward 8 Councillor Ben Henderson has an idea of where to start. “Everybody imagined a big crisis incoming once cannabis got legalized. I don’t think that’s happened.” The proposed budget includes money forRead More

Checkstops in Calgary continue to search for impaired drivers post-legalized cannabis

Calgary Police Service - Checkstop

Members of the Calgary Police Service traffic unit were armed with increased knowledge of cannabis use ahead of legalization in Canada and the officers continue to enforce the rules of the road at checkstops. “There are more and more officers that have had the opportunity for training and were given the training up before the October 17th date so that we were prepared when the legislation did come into effect,” said Acting Sergeant Chris Agren at a Friday night checkstop in downtown Calgary. “The difference is when the window opensRead More

Saskatoon’s first cannabis ticket issued


A woman found herself the recipient of Saskatoon’s first cannabis ticket after police discovered her consuming cannabis in a vehicle. In a Saturday tweet, the Saskatoon Police Service said the woman had been a passenger in the vehicle. She “was issued a $360 ticket under the Cannabis Control (SK) Act,” the tweet read. “Some people must not have believed us when we said that wasn’t legal,” it went on to say. Source link #canadiannews #worldnews #headlinenews and stories from around the world USA Today News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″] USARead More

High demand causing some cannabis stores to run out

High demand causing some cannabis stores to run out

Cannabis stores across Edmonton are starting to see their stock go up in smoke—not even a week into legalization. NOVA Cannabis says they stocked enough products to last up to three weeks, however they anticipate barely making it through the weekend without running out. “We placed large, large orders and we didn’t anticipate having to reorder so quickly,” said James Burns, CEO of Alcanna Inc., which owns NOVA Cannabis. Burns says after ordering another shipment on Wednesday they hope to restock Sunday, but admit “it could be close.” Another store,Read More

Black market banking on appeal of cannabis edibles, ointments amid legalization

cannabis edibles

OTTAWA — Canada’s booming illicit pot market now faces competition from approved retailers but it can bank on the appeal of items like gummies, tablets, sprays and creams over the next year while these commercial products remain legally out of reach. Although Canada became the first G7 country on Wednesday to greenlight cannabis for recreational use, it limited purchases to dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oil from government-licensed retailers. Canadians can also make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home. In the meantime, law enforcement is watchingRead More

Campers will be able to smoke cannabis at campsites in Canada’s national parks

national parks

Parks Canada says campers will be allowed to smoke cannabis at registered campsites in national parks across Canada. As well, hikers in national parks in some provinces — including Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec — will be allowed to smoke on hiking trails and in the backcountry. Officials say no one will be allowed to smoke in common campground areas or around playgrounds. Rules for public areas, including day-use areas, vary based on the province where the national park is located. Six towns and villages within national parks eachRead More

NSLC gives sneak peek of cannabis outlet

NSLC gives sneak peek of cannabis outlet

With just six days to go until recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, the finishing touches are being put on the 12 liquor stores that will be selling cannabis in Nova Scotia. “This is huge,” said Beverly Ware, spokesperson for NSLC. “This is a momentous occasion. We’re the second country in the world that’s legalized cannabis nationally. There’s a huge amount of interest in it, our employees are extremely excited.” According to Ware, 200 employees are now trained and ready to start educating the public about pot. The company saysRead More

EPS officers banned from recreational cannabis consumption

pot smoking

Edmonton police officers will not be allowed to consume recreational cannabis when the drug becomes legal next week. “Police are held to a different standard than civilians, and may be called for duty at any time in the event of an emergency,” spokesperson Cheryl Voordenhout told CTV News in an email. The decision will be reviewed every six months. Source link #canadiannews #worldnews #headlinenews and stories from around the world USA Today News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″] USA News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″] ABC NEWS Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″]

Many universities continuing ‘misguided prohibition’ of cannabis in new policies: prof

Many universities continuing 'misguided prohibition' of cannabis in new policies: prof

Many universities across the country are banning any use of cannabis on campus, a move advocates say is too restrictive with marijuana legalization just around the corner. Some campuses, including the University of British Columbia and a campus of the University of Alberta, are allowing smoking and vaping of cannabis in designated areas once consumption is legalized on Oct. 17. And the University of New Brunswick and the University of Waterloo are banning smoking of marijuana but will allow students living in residence to make and eat cannabis oil-infused edibles.Read More