5 things to know on for Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018: 2026 Olympic Games, Pittsburgh protests, senior care

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The federal and provincial governments have reached a funding proposal agreement to fund Calgary’s bid for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games — if a hesitant city council agrees to sign on. Plus, a call for change after two Canadian couples married for decades were separated due to different health care needs. 1. Winter games: Calgary city council will decide today whether Tuesday night’s last-minute funding proposal from the federal and provincial governments is enough to save a potential bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. 2. Pittsburgh protests: As Pittsburgh’s JewishRead More

Bed bugs in ambulances, cockroaches in a hospital: the unexpected challenges for health care

Ottawa ambulance being de-contaminated for bed bug

They are an unexpected and unpleasant expense for our province’s already cash strapped medical system: cockroaches in an Ottawa hospital, bed bugs in our ambulances and the time consuming efforts to eliminate them.The Queensway-Carleton had to seal off one of its rooms for several days, after a patient brought in cockroaches on a wheelchair.  And de-contaminations are done regularly on Ottawa ambulances and paramedic crews.  The de-contamination room at Ottawa’s Paramedic Headquarters was built to deal primarily with pathogensbut there’s another kind of bug that paramedics are consistently confronting hereRead More

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My former Academy roommate had a brain tumor – an Oligodendroglioma, to be exact. The operation to remove it was a remarkable success. He was in fantastic hands at the major cancer center caring for him….and his family. Weakened by the cancer and the operation, while at home, he fell and injured the other side of his brain opposite the tumor. When I first saw him post operation, he was trying to come out the resultant coma and could not speak. In the weeks and months that followed, speech returnedRead More

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Most have been touched by the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. We have lost family and friends to the disease that snuffs the light in bright minds. For us, the first to lose their fight was a friend’s mom, way too young with a rapid onset. Most recently, it was my wife’s dad, who went from being a Gifted and passionate performer to a man locked in motionless silence for years. When he missed calling on her birthday, my wife knew his humorous attempts at covering his forgetfulness hid something deeper.Read More

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Grace Children’s Home is a place of refuge and shelter for babies and children born into crisis. When children are not planned for, wanted or loved – the outcome can be devastating. However, through our baby/child rescue and assistance program GSA is able to lovingly come alongside mothers and families that feel like they have no hope and no options. Not only are we caring and providing for precious little lives, but we are also working to encourage and support the family through developing healthy life skills such as routines,Read More