Repentigny police contest $42K racial profiling ruling by human rights commission

Repentigny police contest $42K racial profiling ruling by human rights commission

Published Thursday, December 13, 2018 8:25PM EST Last Updated Thursday, December 13, 2018 8:26PM EST The city of Repentigny and its police force are being asked to pay $42,000 in damages over a case of racial profiling that took place five years ago. The incident involved two 12-year old boys who were at a birthday party for an older member of the family. Growing a little bored, the boys went outside to play hide-and-seek. A police officer arrived at the party soon after to inform the Sophie Bellemare that herRead More

Ontario’s Human Rights Commission joining sex-ed legal challenge

Sex ed file photo

TORONTO — The Ontario Human Rights Commission says it will join a legal challenge of the interim sexual-education curriculum introduced by the province’s Progressive Conservative government. The commission says it believes the interim curriculum discriminates based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Six students’ families filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in August, claiming the curriculum makes no mention of issues such as gender diversity or the rights of LGBTQ students. The Human Rights Commission says it will join the tribunal’s legal challenge,Read More

Research into exoskeleton walking devices big leap forward for human-robot interactions – Technology & Science

At first glance it looks like a fancy leg brace. But the “exoskeleton” system developed by a group of researchers at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh could open the door to a new, more customized way of approaching human-robot interaction. Led by computer scientist Juanjuan Zhang, the team created a new method that could have widespread impact on the way human performance is enhanced by devices of many kinds, including those that help people with disabilities, paralysis or amputations. That’s because the method referred to as “human in the loop” puts the personRead More

Spanish firm makes eerily realistic human, alien babies | Reuters

BILBAO, Spain Want a doll that looks, moves and feels almost exactly like a newborn? Or how about a baby Avatar, or a half human-half piglet? The whole range was on display at a trade fair in Bilbao, northern Spain showcasing “Reborn Babies” made by Spanish company Babyclon, one of a small number of firms worldwide that cater to a particular subculture of collectors who value the dolls’ unsettling realism. Some of the basic silicone dolls cost almost 600 euros ($670), while high-end models equipped with motors that make theRead More