Michael Harris becomes Kitchener regional councillor among returning incumbents

Michael Harris

All of the incumbents in Kitchener seeking re-election will serve another term at the position. Karen Redman was the only regional councillor not to re-run, running instead for regional chair. Tom Galloway, Elizabeth Clarke and Geoff Lorentz were re-elected, and will be joined for this term by Michael Harris. Harris, the former Conservative MPP, was elected fourth. He was removed from the Conservative Party just before the provincial election following an alleged 2013 incident. He served nearly seven years representing Kitchener-Conestoga, bringing with him ‘a wealth of experience and leadershipRead More

Polling stations for homeless voters open in Kitchener

An election sign on a door

A polling station for people without fixed addresses was set up in Kitchener on Thursday. The station was located at St. John’s Kitchen in the Working Centre and another one at the Ray of Hope. It took six years to make the project happen. “This is a space of welcome, inclusion and non-judgement for this population,” said Tom Friesen, an outreach worker at St. John’s. Many polling stations are set up in schools or churches, where some people experiencing homelessness have undergone trauma. Some people who voted at the St.Read More