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‘You get a twist in your soul’: Van de Vorst journey continues after McKay sentenced

Jordan Van de Vorst, his wife Chanda and their children, two-year-old Miguire and five-year-old Kamryn, are seen in this image from Facebook. All were killed in the crash.

It’s been 883 days since the Van de Vorst family lost four members of their family and 677 days since the woman responsible for the deaths was sentenced for the crimes. On Friday, their late son and brother’s birthday, Linda and Lou Van de Vorst along with their daughters, traveled to a hotel in Maple Creek. The next day they drove further, to Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge to read victim impact statements at Catherine McKay’s parole board hearing. She was denied unescorted temporary absences to see her family by theRead More

Justin Bieber spotted at St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is in town. The pop star was spotted Thursday at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, where his appearance caused a bit of a buzz. So many great people love our Market-special visitor today- thanks for visiting us today @justinbieber. Come back soon, we would love to see you! Any photos you can share with us of your day today? — St. Jacobs Market (@stjacobsmarket) May 24, 2018 At least one person claimed to have seen Bieber at nearby Conestoga Mall shortly after he left the market. Pictures postedRead More

Macron and Putin to discuss Iran nuclear deal, Syria

Vladimir Putin, right, and Emmanuel Macron

PARIS — Having failed to persuade U.S. President Donald Trump to stay in the Iran nuclear accord, French President Emmanuel Macron is reaching out to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Macron heads to St. Petersburg on Thursday amid deep differences with Putin over Syria, Ukraine and alleged Russian meddling abroad. But both men want to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal. Macron’s aides insist he is not cozying up to Putin, or seeking to pivot away from France’s longstanding alliance with the U.S. in favour of one with Russia and China. Rather,Read More

Final inspections of international trade centre underway

Final inspections of international trade centre underway

Saskatchewan’s first international trade centre is ready to open in Regina. Final inspections are underway as Brightenview prepares to open the long awaited Global Trade and Exhibition Centre in the province. The massive wholesale mall will match Chinese manufacturers with North American buyers. “All business condo units have reached substantial completion, ready for occupancy of business owners,” Brightenview CEO Joe Zhou said. The facility was to have been built outside Dundurn but developers felt the Global Transportation Hub was a better location. Eight years ago, the massive trade and exhibitionRead More

Plane carrying more than 100 people crashes in Cuba

Plane carrying more than 100 people crashes in Cuba Source link #canadiannews #worldnews #headlinenews and stories from around the world USA Today News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″] USA News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″] ABC NEWS Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″]

Why doctors should prescribe ‘exercise medicine’ to cancer patients

Daily exercise fights holiday feasting

Cancer patients who exercise experience milder side effects from treatment, have a lower risk of cancer recurrence, and a lower risk of dying. So why don’t more doctors suggest their patients exercise? That’s what a group of cancer specialists in Australia wants to know. The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia has just released a position statement calling on all doctors to discuss exercise with their cancer patients, and to “prescribe” it. While most cancer patients are told to rest, the group says the better advice would be to urge patientsRead More

Fire chief, 61, threatens $1.7M lawsuit over rule deeming him too old for job

Fire chief, 61, threatens $1.7M lawsuit over rule deeming him too old for job

An Ontario fire chief who lost his job over a new rule that deemed him one year too old for the position is threatening a $1.7-million lawsuit against the town that passed the rule. Guy Longtin was forced to resign last week after the town council in Renfrew, Ont. passed a rule that forced all firefighters in the town to retire by age 60. Longtin is 61. The town’s reeve is standing by its decision. But Longtin, who worked on the force for 26 years, alleges the new rule wasRead More

Police investigate racist tirade at Alberta Denny’s

Police investigate racist tirade at Alberta Denny's Staff Published Wednesday, May 9, 2018 2:47PM EDT Last Updated Wednesday, May 9, 2018 8:44PM EDT Warning: This story contains offensive language Police are investigating after a woman at a Denny’s in Alberta was caught on video shouting at other patrons to “go back to your own” country and threatening to “leap across the table” and punch them. The woman, who has since lost her job at a B.C. car dealership after being identified, has apologized. But she says the video doesn’t reflect the whole story and that sheRead More

Police investigate after verbal dispute at Lethbridge restaurant surfaces on social media

Denny's Restaurant, verbal altercation, Monir Omer

A verbal altercation that was captured on a cellphone and uploaded to social media by a patron at a Denny’s Restaurant in Lethbridge in April is now being investigated by police. In the video, a woman and two men, who were sitting at an adjacent table, get into a verbal dispute over Canadian citizenship. Monir Omerzai took the video in mid-April and posted it online on Tuesday evening after he was encouraged by friends to do so. Omerzai and his friend, Mujtaba Abdul Ghafar, spoke with CTV Lethbridge on Wednesday aboutRead More

Sask. man wins lottery home for second time

Dwayne Prystupa

The man who won the grand prize in the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Home Lottery has won a home before. Dwayne and Kristen Prystupa won the STARS Home Lottery back in 2012. The family said they continued to buy tickets to support the cause, but they never thought they would win big again. “My brother-in-law called me, ‘I can’t believe you just won another house,’” Prystupa said. “I didn’t believe him and he had it still on TV, so he rewinded and he was playing it for me and IRead More