Rescued Indian, Irish sailors get medical check after being stranded during race

Abhilash Tomy boat race

Rod McGuirk, The Associated Press Published Tuesday, September 25, 2018 8:27AM EDT CANBERRA, Australia — An Indian and an Irish sailor rescued from damaged sailboats in the remote southern Indian Ocean set foot on land on Tuesday when they reached an island to undergo medical assessments, officials said. The French fisheries patrol boat Osiris rescued injured Indian Abhilash Tomy, 39, and Irishman Gregor McGuckin, 32, late Monday after their boats lost masts in a storm Friday while competing in the around-the-world Golden Globe Race. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority, whichRead More

Windsor man loses medical license but avoids jail time

Windsor man loses medical license but avoids jail time

A Windsor doctor has been cleared of all charges of sexual assault, but he has still been convicted of a crime. Dr. Ravi Shenava was in Superior Court Thursday where Justice Bruce Thomas agreed to a joint submission that Shenava plead not guilty to three counts of sexual assault, but guilty to three lesser offences of simple assault. The remaining charges were withdrawn. Shenava avoids a jail term with his plea and has been fined $3,900. He will also remain under probation for two years but he will not beRead More

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Cytomegalovirus is a common herpes virus. Like so many other common viruses, many people are unaware they have it because they may show no symptoms. Legislation has set aside June as National Cytomegalovirus Awareness Month. In this second week of the observance, the theme is “Cytomegalovirus is Serious”. The virus, which remains dormant in the body, can cause complications during pregnancy and for people with a weakened immune system. It spreads through bodily fluids and can be passed on from a pregnant mother to her unborn baby – the mostRead More