Audit finds former Pharmacare employee processed over $200K in suspicious payments

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Manitoba’s auditor general said over $236,000 in “suspicious” Pharmacare payments were handed out between 2007 and 2015. According to a forensic audit report released on Tuesday, in November 2014 the Winnipeg Police Service notified Pharmacare of a potential misappropriation of funds after they had a person in custody who couldn’t explain why a Pharmacare cheque was in their possession. Pharmacare’s preliminary investigation discovered that one of their workers put unsupported transactions into their system resulting in illegitimate cheques being issued to a number of people The Pharmacare employee was firedRead More

Structured Settlement Payments: Guarantee from Settlement Capital Corporation – RockStar Seo

Debbie Rosen, the President and CEO of Settlement Capital Corporation ( shares her personal guarantee that when you sell your structured settlement or annuity payments to Settlement Capital Corporation, you’ll come away with more money, and you’ll be happier with the experience. There are three great reasons why you should call Settlement Capital to get a free quote. First, you’ll get the most cash when you sell to us. Our financial resources allow us to pay you more money. We’re very careful with our budgets and we don’t spend wasteRead More