Bear sightings up in the capital region

Bear tranquilized downtown Ottawa

CTV Ottawa Published Thursday, September 13, 2018 5:37PM EDT Last Updated Thursday, September 13, 2018 5:38PM EDT Bear sightings are up around the capital region, with 44 already this month, according to the National Capital Commission. The latest sighting happened Thursday morning in Gatineau near Tache Blvd. Police received calls around 8:45a.m. One witness described the bear as a large black bear. “It was a nice big mother bear,” Bill Bourne said. Bourne said he watched if flee into the woods after coming into contact with people. “She saw theRead More

Bigfoot aka Sasquatch Sightings Go Far Back In Canada’s History CBC News

Bigfoot aka Sasquatch Sightings Go Far Back In Canada's History CBC News

The hairy beast known as sasquatch in Canada — or Bigfoot in the U.S. — has enjoyed a place in B.C. lore for centuries. Tales of encounters originate from time immemorial, when the Chehalis people talked of a hairy ape-like creature living in the forest near Harrison Lake. In the 1890s, a sasquatch was reportedly trapped and put on display on Vancouver Island, before being returned to the woods. Source = Music – Gem Droids —————————- Other Must See Bigfoot News ———————— Rick Dyer Is Receiving A ColdRead More