Polling stations for homeless voters open in Kitchener

An election sign on a door

A polling station for people without fixed addresses was set up in Kitchener on Thursday. The station was located at St. John’s Kitchen in the Working Centre and another one at the Ray of Hope. It took six years to make the project happen. “This is a space of welcome, inclusion and non-judgement for this population,” said Tom Friesen, an outreach worker at St. John’s. Many polling stations are set up in schools or churches, where some people experiencing homelessness have undergone trauma. Some people who voted at the St.Read More

City takes measures to keep bike repair stations stocked

City takes measures to keep bike repair stations stocked

Three free-to-use bike repair stations were installed in Kitchener to allow quick repairs while on the trail. The stations include Allen keys, tire irons, bike wrenches, different screw drivers and bike pumps. Vandalism and thefts have made the stations far less efficient, in some cases even rendering them useless. “Sometimes people try to put the pumps on and then actually end up leaking all the air out of their tire and then end up worse off than they start because the pumps are broken,” said Scott Cottcalway, a coordinator atRead More

Group urges NBC stations not to air segment on Sandy Hook doubter | Reuters

More network affiliates should join NBC Connecticut in refusing to air Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who has suggested that the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax, a gun control group said on Saturday. The interview with Jones, scheduled to air on Sunday, has prompted outrage, especially in Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were killed by a deranged gunman at the elementary school in Newtown. Jones, founder of the website Infowars, has questioned what he calls the “official story” of Sandy HookRead More