CBC News – Chinese-Language Ancient Forest Tours

CBC News - Chinese-Language Ancient Forest Tours

Today we launched the training program for future “Chinese-Language Ancient Forest Tours”, where educators will hold public tours in Mandarin and Cantonese about the ecology and conservation issues surrounding BC’s old-growth forests. With half a million people in the Greater Vancouver area who identify Chinese as their mother tongue, and Mandarin being the most spoken language at home in BC after English, this program is a vital and long overdue part of our efforts to expand and diversify the movement to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests. We took the firstRead More

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Trees have appeared in these pages before but today, in this QuotaBill post, one brings us a story, and perhaps, a lesson. For several days the tree had been watching the men in gray digging into the earth, and piling rocks one on top of another. She had seen them roll cannon into place behind the rocks, and knew, as did the other forest inhabitants, what was to take place. The tree had seen it many times, and come to recognize it as the curse humankind had brought to theirRead More